3 Dudes Back

It’s been a while since we completed a 100km ultra in March 2013. Due to personal issues, career changes and injuries, we haven’t been able to set the next challenge or update regularly about our running adventures, but rest assured that we never stopped running.

And now we’re back! This time our mission or missions are bigger and infinitely more meaningful.

First, on October 25th, we will attempt another 100km but this time it will be completely on the mountain trails of Northern Taiwan. Anyone that runs both road and trails know that 100km on trails do not equal to 100km on road – different surface and different muscles. Then in 2016, we will tackle a 100 miler (160km)!!

Second, while we need to train harder and eat healthier to prepare these middle-aged bodies, we will continue to build our almost-1-year-old running startup, RUNIVORE.

I also want to take this opportunity to give a quick update on what I have been up to. After the 100km in March 2013, I was running really well until I was struck down by the annoying plantar fasciitis at the end of that year. I would rest for a week or two and try to run a few km to test it out and the discomfort always crept back. I finally had to shut it down completely for 4 months.

Around June 2014 was when I started running regularly again and was able to ramp up distance while managing the plantar fasciitis. I signed up for the Action Asia Shimen 50km in November 2014, but was once again derailed by a growth under the skin of the bottom of my left foot (some type of foot corn). Surgery was required a week before the race and a DNP. Recovery took me out of any form of exercise for more than a month.

So 2014 was a lost year in terms of running. But sometimes it takes losing something to realize how much you need it. Throughout the recovery, I kept thinking that I wish running 5k once or twice a week does it for me.

I’m not one of those running snobs that think if you don’t run certain mileages or beat some time thresholds then you’re not a “real runner”. I firmly believe that if you are out there putting one foot in front of the other, you’re a runner. But, personally, I find myself always wanting to go further, go steeper and go faster.

We are now halfway through 2015, and it has been great in terms of running. Because of 2014, I’m appreciating 2015 this much more, and looking forward to the missions.

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