8 Reasons You Can’t Miss Runivore Great Stair Challenge

The third edition of The Great Stair Challenge of Zhinan Temple is open for sign up!! The date is set for Nov 16 2019.

Can you hear it? The neighboring mountains of Zhinan Temple are calling your name. And your climbing legs are replying, “I will be there!” Register now.

Join FB event page for event updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/2674512422821644/

If, however, you are still on the fence, let us convince you with these undeniable reasons:

1. You get to hangout with the cool dudes from RUNIVORE

Seriously. We are pretty cool. Still not convinced? Continue reading then…

2. Great view on a historic course

The venue is conveniently located at a nice, little park near The National Cheng Chi University, and at the bottom of a hill that is home to the historic Zhinan Temple. The stair course winds up the hill and along beautiful sculptures and architectures, offering a panoramic views of Taipei.

3. A worthy challenge

We’ll be honest. The course consists of stairs. Lots of stairs. Stairs galore. Over 1300 steps in all. 1 km, 200m+ vert. It will test your leg muscles, your cardiovascular fitness and your mental resolve. Happiness, in the form of a great challenge, awaits.

4. Children friendly

Though steep, the course direction is simple. It’s ideal for parents to let go a little and allow your children to complete a race independently. We’ve had many finishers between the ages of 5-12 in the past two events.

5. Delicious and healthy eats

Eat well run well. Runivore will prepare a gluten-free oat breakfast, and with an assortment of fruits and nuts as toppings. Chia Seeds Fresca will be flowing as well. Just an all-around meal created to make you happy and help you recover. We will also have on-site discounts for our Superfood Energy Bars. Yummay!

6. Creative awards

In addition to prizes for the top 3 male and female finishers, we will also award the most senior and youngest participants. Here at Runivore, we celebrate all-levels of badass achievements.

REAL FOOD INSIDE. No “chemically-sounding” words in our ingredients. Let real foods be your fuel.
7. Measure your progress

The Great Stair Challenge is a twice-a-year event. Participate regularly and use this race as gauge of your training progress.

8. Add variety to your workouts

It’s important to periodically diversify your workouts. Variety is key to training neglected muscles and gives your cardiovascular system a different type of jolt. It’s also a good way to spice up the monotony of a training cycle.

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