RUNIVORE is dedicated to helping runners reach their optimal potential through research and dissemination of information about diet, training, race strategies, and other helpful running related info. Through our own research, experiments, interviews with runners, trainers, and sports nutritionists, we’re building a one stop shop to help you achieve your running goals.
Runivores  Our story is simple. Three drinking friends turned running friends lost their minds and committed to running a 100km ultra marathon. Classic mid-life crisis. We had a crazy and worthy goal and were sure that the adventure would do us a lot of good, but there was one problem…
We weren’t very good at running

And so began our year long training that involved increased mileage – rain or shine – and countless mountain runs. However, we soon learned that running was just part of the equation. A healthier diet to power our middle-age bodies and efforts was crucial. We trained, ate cleaner, fought through pains, became better runners and conquered a 100km in March of 2013.

In addition to discovering what we are capable of both physically and mentally throughout the crazy journey, we also identified some pain points as runners in Taiwan. Although running is a rapidly growing sport on the island, the selection of products catering to runners remains limited, especially for running foods. Whether it’s natural products for everyday clean diet, supplements or endurance-specific fuel, most of the options are either ridiculously pricey, chemically engineered or of sketchy origin. Initially, we just wanted trustworthy and affordable superfoods for ourselves, but soon realized that runners of all levels have encountered the same problems. Runivore was originally founded based on the mission to offer high-quality and natural superfoods that are great for runners as well as providing the nutritional balance for healthy living. That mission has evolved ….

We just want all runners to be the happiest runner they can be. 

We started with sales of Chia Seeds (inspired by “Born to Run”), soon thereafter added our superfood energy bars, and have experimented with other running nutrition products. Today, the main focus of Runivore is research and knowledge sharing that helps us and the running community at large become the very best runners we can possibly be – whatever your goals may be.

We remain avid runners with hundreds of marathons, double digit 100k+ races, getting close to 5 ironman distance triathlons, and tons of other endurance adventures under our collective belts. This gives us the motivation and passion to experiment and try new training techniques and fueling strategies, as well as always seek advice and wisdom from more accomplished runners. Whatever you read on has either a personal experience behind it or is the advice of a running badass, an accomplished sports nutritionist, or a well regarded expert in their running niche.

We also organize a growing number of races (Explore Your Backyard, Beat the Sunset, and Taipei Backyard Ultra among them. This helps us keep in touch with the running community and stay on top of the latest trends. Occasionally we may ask our race participants to help be our guinea pigs for a product we’re testing.

We welcome your contributions to help us continue our quest to make runners stronger, healthier, and happier.

Over the years, we’ve met many great runners around the world, and we’ve been honored to get their input on training tips, fueling advice, and other running related nuggets of information. If you got some advice that you’d like to share, feel free to leave us a note. We welcome input from accomplished runners, sports nutrition experts, coaches, as well as directly from sports nutrition brands.

If you’re ever in Taipei, give us a shout, we’re always up for a run. Also, check out our Facebook page and Instagram if you want to keep up with our adventures and new developments at Runivore.