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AN INDOOR ADVENTURE – how to keep cycling during the summer heat

This article is a contribution from our cycling and triathlon adviser July.

Besides the usual triathlon menu of swimming, cycling and running, my daily routine is actually very diverse. Today, let me talk about my one and all-time favorite (especially during the extreme heat summer days): spinning.


I started riding the bicycle when I was 1.5/2 years old with a red little tricycle, not later afterwards I got my first real bike: a pink one.

My life since then has seen a lot of different bikes. When I was 10 I tried something different: my first indoor spinning class, a fairly new invention at that time. On the rhythm of the music training indoors was a perfect solution for bad weather or if there was a strict time schedule. Not much later, I experienced the first virtual spinning bicycle which could shake, a little like riding a real bike outdoors.

To this day I still go to as many spinning classes as possible, just because in combination with the music and a good set up you get an excellent training. And further more, I have my own trainer certificate just now.


Yes, after three 8 hours training days of sweating, and a final test, it’s done and I finally hold the EOXi indoor cycling certificate in my hands (so feel free to ask me anything in the comments).

What got me through it?

Well, it was actually very easy. For every cyclist knows that riding a bike with a full stomach is like hell. So I got my RUNIVORE mini bites ready and prepared, together with my CHIA cordial of honey/lemon/CHIA/water.

The mini bites were in my back pocket of my bicycle shirt during the training, so whenever there was a minute or so and felt a little hungry just quickly took a bite. The juice was in one of my water bottles, in the hotel I prepared it every night before, so that the CHIA seeds got enough time to set.

Another thing I discovered and prepared was the fruit flavored Yakult with CHIA. I have a sensitive stomach and it sometimes acts out when working out intensely, but the Yakult is easy to digest and powers me through the workout. I especially like the strawberry flavor, and just like the Chia cordial, I prepared it the night before.



July is a lifetime cycling competitor and long distance triathlete. She is also a big fan of whole food nutrition for races. Stay tuned for more training and fueling advice

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