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Runivore Tom

Hello! My name is Tom and I discovered my love for running when I watched Rocky a long long long time ago. I’m not fast but determined. My running past includes over 50 marathons, 3 completed 100k ultra runs (1 incomplete, but I’ll come back to conquer you Translantau 100), and a few Ironman distance triathlons. I’m a caffeine and energy gel fanatic and will be sharing my experience with these products on this blog. (Some stats: 3H43M marathon best, 13H Ironman best, 20m:08s 5k — so a middle of the pack type of dude.

What is your favorite race nutrition?

I am a big fan of caffeinated gels. I’ve run my best marathons using GU and Maurten products, as well as a local brand which is very similar to GU’s nutrition and flavor profile. I’ve recently also was quite impressed with UCAN

What is the dumbest sports nutrition mistake you’ve ever made?

I think my biggest mistakes come down to the night before the race rather than on race day itself. It may be having one too many beers when I was younger or a meal that is way to heavy these days. There were also a few times when I didn’t prepare salt for an ultra and found the checkpoints to be lacking in that department. 

What is your ultimate endurance sports goal?

I don’t have one ultimate goal – I would like to run a few more 100ks and feel great afterwards, I would like to get my ironman time to 12 hours and change, and maybe even lower later. I would like to do a few more chill runs across a country (i’ve done Taiwan – my home for now), I would love to do one across Poland (my birth country) at some point. 

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