8 Reasons You Can’t Miss Runivore Great Stair Challenge

The third edition of The Great Stair Challenge of Zhinan Temple is open for sign up!! The date is set for Nov 16 2019.

Can you hear it? The neighboring mountains of Zhinan Temple are ca…

Runners and Their Workouts — Anita Ortiz: Fox and Rabbit

In this space, we will share the key or favorite workouts of our running friends and provide all the Runivores out there some training tips. Run with a smile, of course, but be ready t…

How to make awesome Chia seed bars at home

This article has been contributed by our blogging friend fishcounter. Check out his blog for more about his running adventures.

Gels, bars, gummies, powdered mixes… One thing th…

What Made Us Organise the Dream Race

Happiness Happens When You Run

This was a year ago: I was sitting in front of my computer staring out the office window at a panoramic view of Taipei’s gorgeous mountains. 28 degrees