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Be Your Own Best Friend

Imagine this. Your best friend tells you that she came up with a brilliant idea and now plans to start her own energy gel company.

What is your response?

A. Psst. That’s not going to work. Your plan sucks. Your energy gel samples taste bad. And you sure as hell don’t have the toughness to start and run a company. And by the way, you’re too stupid.


B. That’s great! Let me do a taste test. I would love to hear more about your plan, and let me know how I can help out!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Let me take a wild guess…closer to B?


When it comes to your loved ones, it’s natural and oh-so-easy to be supportive and optimistic. You lend your hand unconditionally and genuinely want them to do well.


Have you ever wondered why that voice in your head doesn’t talk to you the same way? How come that voice always gives you the A treatment?

We are each of our own worst critics.” There is a good reason why this axiom exists.

How about we spin it into “We are our own best friends.”

You use language with yourself that you would never in a million years use with your friends.

“Why are you so stupid.” “This is too damn hard.” “You can’t do this.” “Your goal is unrealistic.” “That person is way out of your league.” “You don’t deserve this.” “You’re too old for this shit.” “You suck.” “No way you will lose that extra weight.”

You get the point.

No wonder it’s so difficult to step out of your comfort zone. Please start talking to yourself like you are talking to your best buds. Change your inner voice and be a cheerleader living in your head 24-7.




Did you set goals for 2022? Lose weight? Run a half marathon? Break your 5K PB?

It’s now September. What’s your progress? A worthy goal and a smart fueling plan go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here are some helpful articles to help you train and fuel smart.


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