Call It A Comeback – First Ultra in 2 Years


The Shimen 50km this Saturday, November 14 will be my first attempt at an ultra distance since the Fall of 2013. I’m excited, anxious and definitely nervous.

I tell people that I’m an ultra marathon runner, which is true, technically. However, all the ultras under my belt were completed pre-2014. Since then, schedule conflicts, lack of training motivation, big and small injuries or race cancellations have prevented me from participating in another one.

“Don’t call it come back, I’ve been here for years…” I wish I have LL’s arrogance. I WAS pretty confident until a rib injury sidelined me for a month recently, and took away some of my fitness. And, of course, I still don’t know how my two bad feet will respond. I guess it’s always more interesting with a degree of uncertainty (at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself).

On a side note, “my sort-of-lucky-wristband” ripped last week. I have worn it for every race since 2012. Not superstitious but still…


When Ultra Taiwan 100km, which was supposed to be my big come back race, got postponed to 2016, I had to scramble to look for replacement races. So first come this weekend. If things go well, then I will continue to train for two 100km in January and March (Hong Kong 100 and Translantau 100). Then a 100-miler in the fall of 2016. So a big ultra season up ahead for me (knocking on every piece of wood in sight with all 28 knuckles right now).

Hope to see all my running friends this weekend.

Run with joy, embrace pain and safe completion. WE GOT THIS!!


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