Explore Your Backyard 3.0 – Race Recap by Cory Lewandowski

Explore Your Backyard started three years ago as the brainchild of the popular chia seed based energy bar company, Runivore, and ultramarathon race organizer Taiwan Beast Runne

How to make awesome Chia seed bars at home

This article has been contributed by our blogging friend fishcounter. Check out his blog for more about his running adventures.

Gels, bars, gummies, powdered mixes… One thing th…

AN INDOOR ADVENTURE – how to keep cycling during the summer heat

This article is a contribution from our cycling and triathlon adviser July.

Besides the usual triathlon menu of swimming, cycling and running, my daily routine is actually very d…

Superfood Bar Now Gluten-Free

What is Gluten? And Why is RUNIVORE Superfood Bar Now Gluten-Free?

Improved athletic performance by eliminating gluten from our diet is a hotly and widely debated topic amongst t…

Runivore Comes Out On Top In Energy Bar Taste Test

Runivore Bar Taste Test Winner

We were very happy to be part of our first taste test, and the results are in, from the Sports Bar Taste Test at the The Great Relay Hong Kong. Runners were presented with a variety of to…

Deep Down, We All Want to do Something Great

“I want opportunities to do effective work or cool work, preferably both at the same time,” I told my ex-boss in an exit meeting a few years ago.

“Effective work serves real purpose a

Antioxidizing Power – MATCHA GREEN TEA PUDDING

Matcha Green Tea Pudding

Here is another quick chia recipe that us non-chefs can put together. Serve this one extra-chilled for a perfect summer breakfast.


  • 2 cups hemp or almond milk
  • 2 tbsp ag

Electrolyte Rejuvenator – Chia Coconut Fresca

Coconut Chia Fresca

This one is perfect after a long workout or run. And the cool thing is that you won’t even have to put your chef hat on to make this potent potion.


  • 1 cup coconut wate

Heat Slayer – Tropical Chia Smoothie

Tropical Chia Smoothie

With the average temperatures ranging somewhere between 35 and damn hot. We thought it might be a good time to share a quick refreshing drink recipe with you. Besides the obvious be…