Review: Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration Electrolyte Drink – Mango Melon Flavor

From the company most renowned for their organic honey energy products comes Mango Melon Rapid Hydration Mix – a subtle-tasting electrolyte powder that comes with a touch …

Review: GU Liquid Energy – GU Plus Water Equals Drinkable Energy

As I walked into my local Fleet Feet something new and strange caught my attention. It looked like GU but bigger. As I picked it up, I could tell right away that this was something a lit…

Review: 32GI Guarana Caffeine Shot, Separating Energy Gel & Caffeine


32GI Guarana Caffeine Shot provides 60 mg of caffeine per 4.5g pack. Pure liquid guarana is the caffeine source instead of coffee. Guarana is maybe less sensitive to the sto

Superduper Affordable Energy Gel Alternatives

Shhhh…we are giving you our trade secrets today. The energy gel makers are not gonna like this. Keep it down.

Jokes aside, if you’re interested in affordable sports f

Interview: Ruth Croft on Winning WSER, Fueling, and Dinosaurs

We first met Ruth Croft, during a training run for what must have been one of her earlier 50k trail races in Taiwan hosted by Action Asia. She was already becoming a local legend and en…

Interview: On Running Missions & Working with Brands with Justin Daniels

This interview is about a man on an epic running mission. Justin Daniels’ quest started in 2013 when he found out that his Dad was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic obstructive pu

Taipei Backyard Ultra – January 14 2023

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This is the Purest Challenge of Mental Toughness


Running 6.706km in one hour is not too difficult. Most runners can do it no problem. But are you …

Review: What is Maurten Hydrogel? The No-Nonsense Energy Gel


Maurten Hydrolgel is a 40g energy gel with 100 calories and 25g of carbohydrates, with glucose and fructose at a 1:0.8 ratio as the main sources of sugar. The carbohydrates a

When to Consume Energy Gels? The Difference Between a Good and Bad Race


You have to train your neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems in order to run, bike, or swim faster and more efficiently. Fueling with energy gels is no different. It req…

Getting Back at it is Easier Than You Think

After my goal marathon was canceled in January, I straight up slacked off. I had trained hard and smart, dropped to proper racing weight, and really looked forward to the finale of t…

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