Energy Gels Comparison – Sortable by Calories and Calorie Density

If the first criteria for you when selecting energy gels is the number of calories, or if you’re interested in the caloric density of specific gel, then look no further. We&#…

Energy Gels vs. Energy Bars, Same Purpose but Different Consistency


Both energy gels and energy bars are designed to replenish lost carbohydrates during exercise. They are similar products with different consistency – gels are syrups, an

Review: Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration Electrolyte Drink – Mango Melon Flavor

From the company most renowned for their organic honey energy products comes Mango Melon Rapid Hydration Mix – a subtle-tasting electrolyte powder that comes with a touch …

Review: Honey Stinger Seed and Nut Bar – Savory Recovery Goodness

Let’s start with some quick facts: Recovery is a big part of training and post-workout nutrition is critical to proper recovery. An oldie but goodie article from Runner…

Review: 226ers Bio Energy Gel, Made by Triathletes, Fit for All


The brand name of this energy gel says it all – it targets the Ironman triathlon (3.9km swim, 180.2 ride, and 42.2km run for a total of 226.3km) segment but that’s just t…

Willpower Alone Won’t Do

Eat well. Run well. Live well.

If you haven’t unsubscribed us by now, I believe you agree with the statements above. Some of you might not be eating well yet, but you’re

That “Got-Off-Work-Late” Run


The weather should be nice, according to your weather app — clear night with a gentle autumn breeze.

You can’t wait to get off work at six on the dot, lace up, and hit the r…

Superduper Affordable Energy Gel Alternatives

Shhhh…we are giving you our trade secrets today. The energy gel makers are not gonna like this. Keep it down.

Jokes aside, if you’re interested in affordable sports f

Energy Gel Dos and Don’ts


Your fueling strategy should be personalized, including how and when to consume energy gels. There are some general guidelines, but it takes practice and trial and error t

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