Deep Down, We All Want to do Something Great

“I want opportunities to do effective work or cool work, preferably both at the same time,” I told my ex-boss in an exit meeting a few years ago.

“Effective work serves real purpose and moves a project along to its ideal destination. And cool work moves people emotionally. Content, stories, products that can create a goosebump moment, the wow effect or simply just make people laugh their ass off,” I explained. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had just defined what “Great Work“ means to me. 

A year later, Andy, Tom and I took the plunge to build RUNIVORE. We were finally in the driver’s seat.

In May 2015, we celebrated surviving our first year. Like any young companies, we have a lot to learn and improve still, but it has been truly exciting (nerve wrecking) to have the freedom to create something great. Fortunately, I believe we are on the right track with the RUNIVORE Chia On A Date Superfood Bar.

  • We sourced chia of the highest quality.
  • Selected a combination of superfoods (chia, dates, pumpkin seeds, cranberry, oat, coconut, almonds) that are beneficial to running, fitness and healthy lifestyle to be included in the bar.
  • Worked with professional chefs to come up with more than 10 versions of bar recipes.
  • Multiple taste and field tests with local and foreign runners of different levels to identify the best version.
  • Recipe refinement to ensure the right balance of natural ingredients, flavor, texture, fueling and ease of consumption.

The result is a GREAT energy bar that is gaining recognition and following in the running scene. A retailer told us that it’s the best tasting bar on shelf. A runner thanked us for the bars because it helped him survive a tough 100km ultra marathon. Another runner told us that her whole family loves our bars.

One dude calls it the “life saver”. Awesome for the those long runs in the wilderness.

We are proud to enrich people’s running experiences, and I believe this fulfilling (warm and fuzzy) feeling is what I have personally been searching for in a career all these years. Do great work, make a difference.

AND NOW! (drum roll please) The RUNIVORE Chia On A Date Superfood Bites is on shelf! In addition to offering the same awesome taste and nutritional punch as the bar, these bites are ideal for runners that need a little more “portability”.

Thank you for your support this past year, and we promise to continue to work hard and provide great foods to power your runs.

They are available at:

don1don 動一動 商城 online store


Fun Triathlon 瘋三鐵工作室



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