Makes No Sense

Ultra Taiwan 100 is less than two months away!?! It dawned on me yesterday.

When I apply common sense to my running (very rare), trotting for 24-30 hours and 100km in the mountains really makes no sense. The longest race I’ve done was 13 hours, and that was two years ago before I developed two bad feet. To make matters worst, my longest trail race in the past was a 43km (also double as my longest race of any kind since the end of 2013), and I’m not known for my trail-running balance and navigation ability (there’s a 110% chance I will be lost at some point). I’ve participated in countless races and this is the first time ever that I’m legitimately worried about an incompletion.

After an injury-plagued 2014, the prudent decision for my come back as an ultra runner should be to sign up for the 50km and see if my feet will hold up, then move up in distance at a later race, but…

SCREW prudence and logic.

In both work and personal aspects of our lives, we are bound by logic and conservative reasoning, which are necessities since there are bills to pay, corporate ladders to climb, products to sell and people to not disappoint. With running, however, I can throw these shackles out the window.

If I want to go nuts, I can go nuts and I’m gonna go nuts.

Although the 50km is still a daunting challenge, being a runner that is comfortable on trails and longer distances, I’m positive that (barring some freak accidents) I can finish it. It’s more exciting and I feel more alive when the target is higher up in uncertain territory. After all, isn’t this where greatness resides?

On our RUNIVORE business cards, there are three bullet points underneath our names. The first is marathon PB (reaching out to person responsible, I need an update), the second is my toughest race (a 100km road race), and the third is my dream race – The Leadville 100 (100 miles), one of the most prestigious and toughest ultras in the world. In most years, fewer than half the participants finish under the 30-hour cut off. If Ultra Taiwan is illogical, Leadville 100 is insanity.

I may or may not have the athletic capability for such ordeals, but I intend to find out. It makes no sense to want to do these things, but I do.

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