“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.”

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.”

– best-selling author, journalist and Harvard University Professor, Michael Pollen
Such a great quote! Do that, and your health will be better, and the world will be a better for it as well.

When it comes to eating well, keep it simple.

The current health industry is all about complexity. Sometimes nuances in training nutrition are necessary, but oftentimes not really.

One reason gurus and brands make things more complicated than they need to be is so that they can sell you and at a higher price. It’s difficult to cash in simplicity and rudimentary.

Come up with some fancy and confusing way to package a basic concept, and people will pay for it.


Perhaps it’s a way for us to avoid the truth.

What truly, truly, TRULY matters in health and fitness is just consistently doing the right things.

Don’t skip workouts.

Eat natural.

Not thinking about it or talking about it.

Just show up and do it. Day in and day out.

This is the truth.

Life, itself, is complicated enough.

That’s why RUNIVORE is a big proponent of simplicity and convenience when it comes to sports nutrition.

Next time you are at the store, check out the ingredients of different snacks, sports drinks, and other energy bars. You will see big words that you have no idea what they mean. These are often artificial ingredients and chemicals.


In contrast, RUNIVORE energy and protein bars are made with Real Food Inside.
Nuts, seeds, fruits, grains.


The amazing thing about real food is that they are naturally engineered to have the proper ratio of both macronutrients and micronutrients and in the best forms for absorption.

Mother Nature did the heavy lifting, we just combined nature’s fine ingredients into super tasty and easy-to-consume treats.


No nonsense. Nothing confusing.
Just delicious, powerful foods in a convenient package.

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