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Hi, we’re team Runivore. More specifically Runivore Tom – a middle of the pack runner/cyclist/triathlete, and Runivore Will – sub 3 hr marathoner and age grouper ultra/trail runner.

Our goal on this site is to help you quickly learn about the sports nutrition options available to you on the market. We used to sell our own branded energy bars and protein bars – so we have some insights about how the sports nutrition world operates. We also love to all the products out there and seeing what gives us the edge. 

This website is where we share our findings via reviews, analysis, interviews with experts in the field. Runivore Will also loves to share a bit of motivational advice, and we also like to talk to badasses about their training habits. 

Runivore Events

We don't just love to run, we also host a few events of our own. That's one way we stay on top of what the latest craze in nutrition is out there.

Explore Your Backyard 

The longest running trail race in Taipei area featuring distances from 23 km to 7km. 

Beat the Sunset

The most fun relay race in Taipei where you race against the setting sun.

Taipei Backyard Ultra

The race that only ends when everyone quits and there is only one runner left standing. 

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