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Maurten Solid 225 review summary: It is a 60-gram (2.12 oz), oat-and-rice-based energy bar with 225 calories and 42.8 g of carbohydrates, of which 18.8 g is sugar. It also contains 260 mg of sodium, 3.6 g of fats, and 2.6 g of protein. The bar’s texture is easily chewable and maintains its form in different temperature conditions. Flavor-wise, it’s sub-par due to its overwhelming sweetness.

Maurten Solid 225 energy bar, the brand’s lesser-known product, is not designed for taste in my opinion. And didn’t have the everyday endurance enthusiast in mind specifically during development, the company implied on the product page.

If you are extremely serious about endurance sports, like a professional, Maurten Solid 225 could be for you. Otherwise, there are tastier, healthier, and more affordable options that likely work just as well.

Before getting into the Maurten Solid 225 review, we also recently reviewed the brand’s Gel 100 and Drink Mix 160. We ran a marathon fueled entirely with Maurten’s hydrogel and measured it against GU Roctane.

Marketing claims – what is Maurten Solid 225?

  1. Maurten Solid 225 is the company’s first non-hydrogel offering, calling it a “Solid” instead of an energy bar. Maurten used the phrase “oat-and-rice-based chewable” to describe it as well.
  2. Unlike most oat-based bars, Solid 225 is low in dietary fiber at 1.8 g, which should speed up sugar absorption but will probably cause big blood sugar spikes.
  3. From Maurten: “We didn’t set out to make a commercial product when we started our Solid journey. We looked at science and thought, if we make a bar that’s good enough for an elite rider or athlete, it will be good enough for all athletes.”
  4. I agree with the first part of the quote that this bar is energy-packed and probably great for professional athletes. However, whether it’s suitable for all athletes is up for debate.


What are the nutritional facts and ingredients of Maurten Solid 225?

Maurten 225 is a 60-gram energy bar and packs 225 calories, hence the product name. It provides a whoppin’ 42.5 g of carbohydrates, of which 18.8 g are from sugar. Other notables are 3.6 g of fat, 2.6 g of protein, and 260 mg of sodium.

The carbohydrate sources are starches such as gluten-free oats, rice flour, and rice bran, as well as sugars like fructose-glucose syrup and maltodextrin.

Like Maurten’s energy gels and drink mixes, the company followed its no-nonsense approach of removing everything but the essentials. Lots of sugar, ample sodium, and no fancy flavoring.

What are the taste and consistency of Maurten Solid 225?

Let’s start with the good. The consistency is excellent. Maurten Solid 225 is easy to chew and holds its form in both hot and cool temperatures. One minor gripe is its sticky texture (similar to this Chinese dessert pastry). If you’re not careful, your hands can get a bit sticky.

As for its flavor, I’m not a fan. Way too sweet for me. If I didn’t have to do a write-up, I would have stopped at the first couple of bites (the things we do to give you great product reviews).

Considering it contains 17 g of added sugar, I’m not surprised by the overwhelming sweetness.

Energy bars should be a delicious alternative to energy gels. For longer efforts such as trail ultras when solid food is necessary, when your body and mind are pushed to the limit, and the last thing you want is another syrupy, sugary concoction? A yummy energy bar with a balanced nutritional profile can be precisely the thing to lift your spirit and keep you moving forward.

A bar that tastes even sweeter than gels ain’t for me.


How is the packaging of Maurten Solid 225?

The energy bar is 16 cm long, which is quite standard. The packaging feels flimsier than what is used for Maurten Gel 100, so be careful when tearing it open. Little pieces might come apart, creating litter.

Other than that, the bar is of convenient size and rips opens easily.


When should you eat Maurten Solid 225?

Just like many energy bars, Maurten Solid 225 is suitable for pre- and mid-exercise.

I recommend using the bar to top up carbohydrates before running shorter distances under two hours. Your digestive system probably wouldn’t have enough time to fully process solid foods mid-run to make a significant difference.

For ultramarathons and long-distance triathlons, the energy bar will provide sufficient energy.

As a post-workout recovery supplement, be sure to consume additional protein since Solid 225 only contains 2.6 g of protein per bar.

Conclusion and my personal takes

Maurten Solid 225 is a 60-gram (2.12 oz), oat-and-rice-based energy bar with 225 calories and 42.8 g of carbohydrates, of which 18.8 g is sugar. It also contains 260 mg of sodium, 3.6 g of fats, and 2.6 g of protein. The bar’s texture is easily chewable and maintains its form in different temperature conditions. Flavor-wise, it’s sub-par due to its overwhelming sweetness.

My takes:

For road running, particularly marathons or anything shorter, Maurten Solid 225 is not suitable as a mid-race fuel. However, packed with a boatload of calories and sugar, I can imagine it being a good fuel during ultra distances requiring much longer finishing times.

With that said, unless you’re super serious about endurance sports, I’m not sure this energy bar is necessary. Here’s why.


  1. First of all, Maurten Solid 225 should be reserved for race day. It’s expensive ($3 per bar) and tastes sub-par. However, it does deliver an abundance of energy on paper, so save it for important races.
  2. As a pre-race snack, I wouldn’t go with Maurten Solid 225, either. Solid foods should be consumed at least 2 hours before start time to allow your digestive system to process them. There’s no rush, so why not pick other carbohydrate-rich whole foods? Before you put your physical fitness and mental fortitude to the test, treat yourself to something that agrees with your taste buds.
  3. As a mid-race fuel for ultras, I still wouldn’t pick Maurten Solid 225. For these adventures, which could take anywhere from 5 to 30 hours (sometimes more), you want to prepare fuel supplements that lift your mood in those dark hours.
  4. Since energy gels are likely still the primary fuel, the solid foods you eat at aid stations or on the go should offer a nice change of pace. An energy bar that’s even sweeter than energy gels doesn’t sound like a good idea. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of energy bars out there that deliver sufficient carbohydrates and other micro- and macro-nutrients and taste way better.
  5. As an everyday snack, I definitely won’t go with Maurten Solid 225. That much added sugar plus that little dietary fiber plus a nutritional profile that no one would consider as well-rounded? I smell blood sugar troubles.


To be fair, Maurten clearly states that Solid 225 is designed with the needs of the elites in mind. It exists for performance, not as a health bar.

Flavor preference is highly subjective. If it’s your cup of tea and you are the type of athlete that wants to pack in as much carbohydrate as possible like a professional, Maurten Solid 225 undoubtedly contains all the body needs to kick ass on race day.

2nd Opinion - Some more thoughts on Maurten Solid 225

Runivore Tom here, just wanted to jump in and offer a few additional thoughts on the Maurten Solid 225. 

I tested the bar in pretty hot conditions (90 degrees or so) on a bike ride with pretty high intensity – there was a lot of climbing. 

I agree with Runivore Will that the taste was quite sweet, but I have to say that I quite liked it. It wasn’t overbearing and on a tough ride it was a pleasant treat. 

I also quite liked the texture of the bar, I’ve seen review videos that talk about this bar being quite chewy, and I disagree. I could definitely see myself taking this bar along for a 70.3 or full ironman triathlon due to the fact that I thought it was pretty easy to chew. I also appreciated the added 260 mg of sodium as the sweat was pouring out on my ride. 

I swallowed the Maurten Solid 225 in just a few bites and I didn’t feel any issues as it traveled through my digestive system – this must be due to the lack of fiber or protein in the bar itself. 

Overall, I give the bar high marks and recommend it as a good alternative for gels during long distance events (4hrs +) where you may want a break from energy gels.