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If the first criteria for you when selecting energy gels is the number of calories, or if you’re interested in the calorie density of specific gel, then look no further. We’ve populated the table below with key nutritional information about the gels we’ve reviewed and some that are soon to be reviewed. The information is fully sortable so you can quickly sort the gels by useful info like:

  • Which energy gels have the most calories
  • Which energy gels have the highest calorie density – calories per gram
  • Which energy gels have the highest quantity of sodium or potassium
  • And other key nutrient info

Sortable Energy Gel Database by calories sodium caffeine

Energy Gels Organized by Calories

The gels with the most calories and also the highest caloric density are those that utilize fats rather than carbohydrates as the main source of fuel. 

From the energy gels we’ve reviewed over the last year, we’ve found the following to have the highest calorie count:

  1. Spring Energy Speednut – offer 4.8 calories per gram of gel with a total of 250 calories in a 52g packet.
  2. Spring Energy Koffee – offer 4.2 calories per gram of gel with a total of 210 calories in a 50g packet. 
  3. Spring Energy Awesome Sauce – offer 3.33 calories per gram of gel with a total of 180 calories in a 54g packet. 
  4. Cliff Shot Energy Gel Chocolate Flavor – offers 3.24 calorie per gram of gel with a total of 110 calories in a 34g packet. 
  5. Gu Roctane Energy Gels – offer 3.125 calories per gram for a total of 100 calories in a 32g packet. 

Now let’s take a look at gels with the highest hit of Sodium.

Energy Gels Organized by Sodium Content

The following gels are designed for those of us who lose a lot of salt during our workouts. (Note, we haven’t yet reviewed products from Precision Hydration, they will make this list after we take them for a test). 

  1. PowerGel Original Lemon-Lime – offers a massive 205mg of sodium per 41g packet. 
  2. 32GI Cramp Assalt Electrolyte Gel – offers 184mg of Sodium in a 10g packet (this little gel focuses on electrolyte delivery).
  3. Gu Roctane Energy Gel Sea Salt Chocolate – the addition of sea salt bring the total Sodium level of this gel to 180mg per 32g packet. 
  4. 226ers Bio Energy Gel – offers 155mg of Sodium in a 25g packet.
  5. 32 GI Sports Chew – offers 131mg of Sodium in a 50g chew. 

Finally, lets look where we can get the highest caffeine boost from our energy gels. 

Energy Gels Organized by Caffeine Content

For Caffeine hungry runners, we recommend the following fueling solutions:

  1. Clif Shot Energy Gel Double Expresso – 100mg of Caffeine. 
  2. Gu Roctane Energy Gel Cold Brew Coffee – 70mg of Caffeine.
  3. 32GI Guarana Caffeine Shot – 60mg of Caffeine – this is essentially a caffeine only product.

There is a whole lot of gels that offer 50mg of Caffeine or less. Check out the table below for full details of the gels we’ve reviewed or which are on deck for a review.

Quick Facts Table of the Energy Gels We’ve Reviewed

Product NameWeight
CaloriesCaloric Density
(Calories / gram)
(grams, 0 if under .5g)
(grams, 0 if under .5g)
Review Status
Spring Energy Speednut with Caffeine522504.80769230769231268650192Read Review
Spring Energy Speednut with Hemp Oil522504.8076923076923126860192Read Review
Spring Energy Koffee502104.217327315153Read Review
Spring Energy Awesome Sauce541803.33333333333334585150002Read Review
Clif Shot Energy Gel Chocolate341103.23529411764712360N/A71.50Review Coming Soon
Gu Roctane Energy Gel Cold Brew Coffee321003.12521125N/A7000Review Coming Soon
Gu Roctane Energy Gel Cherry Lime321003.12521125N/A3500Review Coming Soon
Gu Roctane Energy Gel Sea Salt Chocolate321003.12519180N/A3510Review Coming Soon
Gu Roctane Energy Gel Vanilla Orange321003.12521125N/A3500Review Coming Soon
32GI Energy Gel27843.11111111111112159N/A000Read Review
32GI Cramp Assalt Electrolyte Gel10313.17.718469000Read Review
226ers Bio Energy Gel2575318.315575000Read Review
Clif Shot Energy Gel Double Expresso 341002.94117647058822460N/A10000Review Coming Soon
Clif Shot Energy Gel Vanilla341002.94117647058822590N/A000Review Coming Soon
Clif Shot Energy Gel Strawberry w Caffeine341002.94117647058822595N/A2500Review Coming Soon
Honey Stinger Gold Organic Energy Gel31902.9032258064516244558000Read Review
32GI Guarana Caffeine Shot4.5132.88888888888893.3N/AN/A6000Read Review
Decathlon Apple Flavor3292.42.887523.120000Review Coming Soon
Hammer Gel Apple-Cinnamon33902.727272727272722250000Read Review
Hammer Gel Espresso33902.7272727272727223505000Read Review
32 GI Sports Chew501322.6433131N/A000Read Review
PowerGel Original Lemon-Lime411072.60975609756126.7205N/A5000Read Review
Maurten Hydrogel401002.525350000Read Review
Pure Energy Gel Orange Lemon Lime35862.4571428571429214913000Read Review
Pure Energy Gel Banana and Manuka Honey35862.4571428571429215433000Read Review
Huma Chia Energy Gel Apple & Cinnamon431002.3255813953488201103001.51Read Review
Huma Chia Energy Gel Blueberry431002.32558139534882210530011Read Review
NutriSport Sprint Energy Gel30682.26666666666671733.6N/A000Read Review
Spring Energy CanaBERRY461002.17391304347831760400.331Read Review
GU Liquid Energy Coffee60961.62376N/A4000Read Review
GU Liquid Energy Strawberry Banana60951.58333333333332376N/A000Read Review
SiS Isotonic Energy Gel60871.452240N/A 000Read Review
Beet It Sport Nitrate 40070721.028571428571415.484850002.5Read Review
Morinaga Wieder In Jelly18018014540N/A000Read Review