Explore Your Backyard 3.0 – Food and Drinks

Food is very important to us, we believe you have to EAT WELL to RUN WELL. So we spent a great deal of time to find the right partners for the post race meal and drinks.

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Food is also very important to Taiwan Beast Runners, they like people to finish their races, so they spend a great deal of time making sure that the checkpoints offer a variety of nutrition options.

Here is the run down of what you can expect for the day of the race.


Everyone who registered for the race gets a Runivore bar in their registration pack. If you forget breakfast, then we definitely recommend eating one of these – it’s over 200 calories of whole food nutrition (you will need it during the race). And if you get the Chia Cacao Esspress (coffee) flavor, you also get the caffeine boost to get you going off the start line.



There will be three checkpoints for Explore Your Backyard, they will all have at the least the following items:

  • Hydration: water, electrolyte drink, Runivore Chia Fresca will be in “Happiness” Checkpoint (16k only – you visit it 2 times)
  • Nutrition: fruit, bread, candies(sugar is good during race)
  • Other: salt (helps your body replenish lost salts and retain water better, dip fruit in it)

The 16k runners will have an opportunity to refuel at approximately the 6km mark, the 10km mark, and 14km mark.

The 10k runners will refuel at approximately the 4.5k mark and 8km mark.

The 7k hikers will take a break at approximately 4.5k mark.


This is what we are really excited about. We’re partnering with quite possibly the best vegetarian restaurant in Taipei – OOH CHA CHA – to provide you a nutritious, protein rich whole grain rice bowl – filled with lots of healthy goodies. We don’t have the final picture yet, but here are some items off their menu to give you an idea. We love their food and are already salivating about the meal on April 8th.

more-more-good-food more-good-food good-looking food

Every good meal needs a good drink to go along with it, this is where Anchor Brewing, the micro brewery established in San Francisco is happy to provide a post race refreshment after the race. Cheers everyone you deserve it!!


And for you non-drinkers and the kiddies. We will have Runivore Chia Fresca (honey, lemon, chia) flowing. This is our go to drink for recovery as chia are a complete protein and are packed with Omega-3 healthy fats, which your body really needs to help you rebuild your muscles and tendons after stressful exercise. Drink up!


Looking forward to seeing you on April 8th. More race info: www.taiwanathon.com


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