Family Matters – A Race Report From Ironman Maastricht (Netherlands)

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This article is a contribution from our cycling and triathlon adviser July.

Just a month ago I got great news: Ironman Taiwan signed me up for the Ironman Maastricht in the Netherlands. Well… I was in heaven!
July Bike Ironman
Did I panic?
Some people would be shocked when you suddenly have to reschedule your life, buy tickets, arrange hotel, etc etc for traveling, as well as adjust your training, nutrition, rest etc before the race.

For me? No. The only thing that mattered was that I would get the opportunity to see my parents and give them an insight into my life of triathlete. To see them, hear them and to know that they will be there during the hours of sweating.

Well, I finally got back to my moms kitchen with the big oven! So I made my own granola with CHIA and OATS!


My Fuel! Granola with Runivore OATS and CHIA, as well as some more ingredients for the taste: sunflower seeds, honey, black-berry concentrated juice, sea salt, freeze dried black-berry powdered. I used a little oil in a non-stick pan to mix the ingredients, tossed it well and then in a hot oven for around 15-20 minutes!


My morning routine – 90k in the countryside

Actually I was very active before the race. The few days I was staying with my parents in the countryside in the middle of nowhere, I used them to get used to the temperature. Unlike Taiwan, the mornings were around 10-15 degrees, warming up (or not) slowly and cooling down by the end of the day. So every morning I kept my normal routine: 4.30 out of bed, a coffee and breakfast, and by 6 o’clock with my bike out for a ride, wearing nothing but my tri-suit, and taking it easy with a 90km cruise in 3 hours.

Refreshing swim during the race in the freezing water


The Race?

It was amazing but extremely tough: rain, hail (yes – ice falling from the sky), strong winds, bad roads, and it was cold. Normally I wouldn’t perform well, but… Family matters and makes the difference. And I did fly, crossing the finish right into the arms of my mom and dad.



July is a lifetime cycling competitor and long distance triathlete. She is also a big fan of whole food nutrition for races. Stay tuned for more training and fueling advice. 

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