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I will turn 38 end of this year.

I know it’s not really that old, but certainly not young. Although the increasing amount of grey hair didn’t all translate to wisdom, after a few decades on earth I have at least learned to be very comfortable in my own skin – an understanding of who I am and the confidence to be who I am.

And with age also comes a degree of stubbornness and, perhaps, even a splash of selfishness. It’s the conscious and purposeful decision to take a stronger stance on my beliefs.

Middle-aged body, injury history and a big 100km ultra marathon coming up…I definitely need to take a stronger stance on how I approach the next six months.

Uncompromised priorities

Here are my new priorities in order of importance.

  1. Loved ones
  3. Training

Everything else takes the back seat.

Going vegetarian

I had been thinking about going vegetarian for quite some time, but always found reasons to push it off – don’t want to be a hassle when eating out with friends, I love meat too much, it’s natural for humans to eat meat, I don’t like cooking…

The book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer finally convinced me to commit to what I believe is the right thing to do. For me, it’s a no brainer from health, ethics and environmental perspectives. It’s been almost four months since I made the switch. Feeling good, running well.

Training and recovering smarter

When it comes to training, I tend to overdo things. Recovery days, in particular, make me feel like a slacker so I often skipped them in the past. I’m sure all my nagging injuries are results of my stupidity. Two recovery days per week moving forward, it’s not negotiable.

I wrote the above paragraphs last week. I didn’t know how to end this post until I reread an article a friend sent me. It talks about the four stages of life ( ), and looks like I’m smack dab in the middle of stage three. Let’s end with an excerpt:

Stage Three is the great consolidation of one’s life. Out go the friends who are draining you and holding you back. Out go the activities and hobbies that are a mindless waste of time. Out go the old dreams that are clearly not coming true anytime soon.

Then you double down on what you’re best at and what is best to you. You double down on the most important relationships in your life. You double down on a single mission in life, whether that’s to work on the world’s energy crisis or to be a bitching digital artist or to become an expert in brains or have a bunch of snotty, drooling children. Whatever it is, Stage Three is when you get it done.

Clear priorities, go meatless and take care of my body while training. Let’s get it done!

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