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In the US and some parts of the world, it’s the time of the year to give thanks. With Earth about to complete another lap around the Sun, many have also begun to reflect on the ups and downs life offered this year.

Life is complicated, particularly with a virus still running amok and a never-ending list of geopolitical and economic issues. Whether you had a good or bad 2022, let’s all slow down this holiday season and give thanks.

Count your blessings and practice gratitude. Be grateful no matter how little the thing may seem.

Let me take you through my mornings and the little things that brighten up my day…


I’m grateful that I’m an early riser. I can typically get quality sleep and wake up naturally without the violent disturbance of an alarm. (If you think about it, being forcibly woken up by annoying noises is a pretty shitty way to kick off the day.)


I then make coffee and start getting ready for my morning runs. With a host of government buildings nearby, my street is part of the “reception area” of the city and nation. It’s clean, pretty, and green. Look how great this tree is? I love looking at the trunk and roots. Too bad they trimmed it a couple of weeks ago. It was even bigger and lusher before.

Additionally, when hit by natural disasters that caused utility outages in the past, my neighborhood was always the first to get back electricity, network, and water. I’m grateful to live in a nice area.


The first thing I do on the way to work is take out the garbage. For readers unfamiliar with Taiwan, garbage service is only available in some apartment buildings. Back when I lived in an older area, I had to run downstairs with multiple garbage bags when the garbage truck rolled by our street. It definitely wasn’t the most convenient. It’s sure nice to have dumpsters and recycling bins all laid out.


I’m also grateful for a world-class subway system. It’s well organized, the passengers are polite, and the fact that my station is never crowded is a huge plus. I’ve experienced shoulder-pressed-tight-against-shoulder/penis-pressed-tight-against-ass in subways of other cities. Taipei definitely has one of the best.


Walking from the subway station to the office, I often encounter a bank manager. Even when it was 35C+ this summer, he stood outside wearing a full suit and said good morning with a big smile to anyone that walked past his branch. He puts me in a good mood before I enter the office building.


I’m a clean freak when it comes to toilets and restrooms. I have worked for quite a few companies and various industries, and I would have to give props to the building’s cleaning staff for the clean facilities. I’m very appreciative since a man needs a good throne to handle his bithzniz.


I’m one of the lucky ones. My work hours are flexible, allowing me to establish a productive routine and still have the resources to pursue personal interests. I may not be wealthy, but I’m undoubtedly time-wealthy.

Be curious, be observant, and be grateful. Write them down each day. I guarantee it will make you feel more joyful. What are the little good things on your way to work? Love to hear it. Happy Thanksgiving.


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