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-Have you ever met a hater doing better than you?


Too many people care too much about what others think.
What others think they should do or how they should behave.

Most of it is just noise. Noise of envy.
Noice coming from people that are too afraid to do what you do. And too lazy for real action so they just run their mouth. Hide behind their phones and keyboards criticizing your goals instead of chasing their own.

Do what you love. And do it the way that feels right to you and you alone.

Summit that mountain. Try a new diet. Show off your abs. Take tons of selfies. Buy that pair of running shoes. Sign up for 10 races. Write a book. Take a couple of days off to recuperate. Learn 5 new outdoor sports. Take a course that has nothing to with your job. Quit drinking. Become a vegan.

Haters, they have the right to their lame thoughts.
Laugh it off.

If you’re new to a certain sport or healthy routine and attempting to step out of your comfort zone, you might get some negative vibes from the people around you. Just keep doing what you do, and most importantly, ignore the noise and have lots of fun.