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There’s no doubt that it’s hot out, but the Fall race season will soon be here, need something to keep you motivated over these summer months? Why not check out the local race calendar.


Ultra Maokong – 9/3, 2016 (50k, 21k, 12k) Registration ends 7/19. Almost everyone who is interested in trail racing, in Taiwan, has tried their hand at the Action Asia Race held in Maokong. Do you ever wonder where the multiple other trails in the area go? Follow the Taiwan Beast Runners this year to find out, as they explore distances up to 50k right in Taipei’s backyard.

LAVA Ironman Series – 9/10-11, 2016 (Distances vary) Registration ends 7/30. There are a couple ways to beat the heat but none of them are quite as effective as literally diving in. If you’ve never tried a triathlon before, why not make your first attempt in the historic Tainan area. There are a variety of distances for all levels.

Plum Blossom Lake Charity Running – 9/17, 2016 (22.4k, 10.4k, 3.3k) Registration ends 7/31. Plum Blossom Lake in Yilan County seems like the perfect summer getaway. With lots of shops selling ice cream, activities for the whole family and the backdrop of the mountains contrasting the lake, what’s not to love? If you are looking for an excuse to get out of the city and wanting to kick your weekend off with a run, check this out.

Mecuries Ltd. Charity Running – 9/24, 2016 (22k, 9k, 4k) Registration ends 8/24. If you’ve run a riverside half marathon in Taipei before chances are you know this course. A classic Dajia run but with a very reasonable registration fees and cash prizes for the top runners, this is bound to attract a talented crowd.

Action Asia X-Trail – 9/25, 2016 (17k, 9k) Registration ends when full. This is one of Taiwan’s longest held trail races. The classic 17k course is challenging, with some great views of Taipei. Although the prizes are never great, you’ll be competing against some of the most seasoned trail runners in Taipei. Check out the recap from a few years ago, here.

U-Lay 42k Marathon – 10/1, 2016 (42k, 7k) Registration ends 7/31. Do you love hills? Do you love hot springs? Do you love running hills and then soaking in hot springs? This race has it all, beautiful scenery, challenging hills and after you conquer the hills you can head to the natural hot springs to soak the day away, no wonder this is a popular race.

HeHuan Mountain Trails – 10/8, 2016 (43k, 27k, 16k, 8k) Registration ends 7/31. While the title of this race has the word trail, it appears to be all on road. Nonetheless it promises to be just as beautiful and challenging as most trail races. Run on a section of Taiwan’s highest paved road, in the well-known HeHuan Mt. area. Start in Renai County at 1600m above sea level and climb to 3275m, before turning around and running back to the start.



Amber Lane is a Canadian who fell in love with running in Taiwan 2 years ago. She is always impressed with the abundance of races in the area and loves the atmosphere of racing in Taiwan. You can check out all of her adventures on her popular website,

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