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It’s July already? What!?!?
191 days flew by, and only 174 days left in 2023.

Time is finite and precious. I don’t mean to be morbid, but you never know when your time is up. You would think just this thought is enough to motivate people to act and relentlessly strive toward their goals. Sadly, that’s not the case.

We place completely arbitrary limits and definitions upon time, especially when it comes to setting goals and executing plans. For example, a sobriety challenge must begin and end within a calendar month. Big life goals can only commence on January 1st. Or waiting for the beginning of a new month to kick off a running streak.

Many of you set running and health goals in January. How’s everything coming along?

If you picked up an injury and haven’t run in a couple months, you don’t have to wait until the first day of 2024 to resume your training. Any day, especially TODAY, is a great day to start again.

Didn’t quite hit your weight goal for bikini season? This SECOND is an awesome time to get back at it and shed a few extra kgs. Still plenty of summer left.

Just because six months passed, there’s no reason to give up using your time productively. In fact, there should be an even greater sense of urgency to kick ass!

I’m not talking shit about the calendar system, which humans have found useful for thousands of years (that would be quite a sports-radio-style hot take: calendars are overrated!). It’s undoubtedly a great tool for keeping time and scheduling responsibilities. But it’s only genuinely useful if it helps you to take action instead of sitting on your ass, regretting the passing of time.

So what does your calendar look like for the rest of 2023? We hope it’s packed with meaningful activities that excite and exhilarate and also skyrocket your stoke level to run and live a healthy lifestyle.