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We had previously shared our favorite podcasts and Youtube channels on running and endurance sports. But while we’re running, especially trying to pass the time on the treadmill, the last thing we need is more content on running.

Today, let’s spice things up. Below are a few of our favorite non-running-related podcasts. Some are hilarious, some educational and informative, and some make you think on a deeper level.




Do you like movies? And do you have a favorite flick that you watch over and over again? A movie that you can’t help but watch again if it is playing on cable? If that’s the case, Rewatchables is the podcast for you. Hosted by Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, and co, they break down highly rewatchable films such as A Few Good Men, Good Fellas, Happy Gilmore, etc., and give out wacky awards such as The Most Rewatchable Scene, What Aged the Worst, Butch’s Girlfriend in Pulp Fiction for the Weakest Link in the Move. They will make you laugh, provide little-known trivia, and give fresh takes to these big-screen classics.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

There are thousands of conversational shows hosted by podcasters of varying experiences. When a professional comedian and all-time-great talk show host decides to create a podcast, the result is some of the most hilarious and thought-provoking celebrity interviews you will find in the audio space.

Plain English with Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson is a writer for The Atlantic and the host of this podcast. He explains current issues in plain English: the economy, politics, tech and science, culture, social justice, media trends, etc. You will leave each episode entertained and informed.


How I Built it with Guy Raz

This is a recent discovery, even though the podcast has been online for years. In each episode, host Guy Raz interviews (but it’s edited more like a narrative podcast) an entrepreneur and tells the story of how they successfully built their businesses. If you are also going through the start-up grind, have a listen for some inspiration and knowledge.

This American Life

This is the gold standard of human-interest journalism in the audio format. This American Life is actually a radio show on NPR (National Public Radio) produced by Ira Glass. The episodes usually centered around compelling people, funny moments, surprising plot twists, and interesting ideas. “Like little movies for radio.” If you are new to the podcast, check out these episodes.