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We are in the thick of winter (okay, maybe not all of us, you lucky bastards down under). We are either braving chilly, windy, wet weather or battling inches of snow.

Sometimes, it’s hard to lace up and get in your daily mileage (the warm bed’s siren call is strong). But we have all set big goals for 2023, right?!?!

Here are six YouTubers worth subscribing, from track runners to professional triathletes to average Joes with real jobs like you and me. Their videos are fun and inspirational. I watch them in the morning with my daily dose of coffee, and I’m ready to head out and crush my workouts.

We also shared our favorite running podcasts if you need more content recommendations to get inspired and stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

Without further ado.


Runivore youtuber recommendation


Tinman Elite

This is the YouTube channel of a professional running team comprised of not highly touted college runners, stars that were once promising but derailed by injuries, and other underdogs. Their motto is “chop wood, carry water.” If that doesn’t get you fired up and ready to grind, I don’t know what will.

From forgotten runners to finding success at the pro level, their journey is worth following. My favorite team member is Reed Fisher, a top-ten finisher at multiple marathon majors.



Sweat Elite

While most running videographers feel the need to add bad canned music, Sweat Elite went the other way. Most of their videos have no background music. 

Instead, we are treated to the sound of footfalls and breaths of elite athletes. It’s raw. It’s badass. 

The videos take you through pre-, mid-, and post-workouts of the world’s best endurance athletes, including insightful interviews. 

Featured athletes include Mo Katir, Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden, Paul Chelimo, Zane Robertson, and Olli Hoare, to name a few.


The Athlete Special

Spencer Brown, aka The Athlete Special, was a former division one track and cross country runner from Georgetown University and sub-4 miler. I consider him the OG of collegiate runner YouTuber. 

Injuries hindered the last couple of years of his college and professional careers. He is now running as an independent in Seattle. Still grinding and still loving running.


Lionel Sanders

If you follow triathlon, then Lionel Sanders needs no introduction. He is fiery, he is blunt, he is wacky funny, he likes to race angry, and he is one of the world’s best and most popular triathletes.

Sanders and his videographer Talbot Cox have been creating some of the most entertaining and professionally produced content in the endurance sports sector.


The Welsh Runner

Matthew Reese first came to fame when he stopped at the final stretch of a marathon (he was on his way to breaking his PB) to help a random, struggling runner. He is a citizen runner/weekend warrior, just like you and me (but quite a bit faster).

He experiments with new training ideas and fueling concepts and makes excellent videos to share his thoughts. If he can find time and the motivation to get out the door, we can too!!!


Allie Ostrander

A former prodigy, Mount Marathon winner and NCAA track and field champion, Allie’s running career was derailed by injuries when she stepped up to the pro level.

She suffered through eating disorder and openly shared her struggles. Now rebuilding her once promising career as an independent runner.


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