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This article is a contribution from our cycling and triathlon adviser July.

Back in Taiwan, I got on the road immediately. Or to say it in another way: started with a very busy program of teaching. From the early morning until late in the evening, different classes at different places, so this means I need to go from here to there. Sometimes it is annoying because it takes a lot of time. But, in the end you will get used to it.

This combined with slowly coming back in to a normal training schedule and rhythm, after a nasty injury. (Yes, I almost lost the ability to move my legs.)

But? On the other hand, after being at home for some time, I got back in the kitchen and experimenting with nutrition. Perhaps you saw I made my own granola back home, using the big oven. Sadly I don’t have an oven here, so I tried another method using my non-stick pan.

Just mix all the ingredients: Oats, Chia Seeds, dried fruit, walnuts (or any nuts, whatever you like) and honey (or other sweetener, for example maple syrup)


After mixing all the stuff I recommend to put it in the fridge first for a few hours, so that it will get some texture. 3 to 4 hours is enough! Or, you can make a big batch, and every time use a little bit, and dry-fry the quantity you need for a few days ahead.


Now, and here comes the trick! So, no oven right? Well, I used a non-stick pan and just dry-fried it until the oats had a good color and the whole mixture got some crunchiness. It only takes a few minutes, and the honey makes it stick all together. After frying it, just put it in a container, let it cool, put it in the fridge to become completely solid without losing its crunch.


To get back to my on the road nutrition, I’ll tell you one of my habits first. Since I am still looking for the right way and healthy way to get the things I need. I am not completely used to this life yet, of teaching and training. Or in other words, being on the road again, especially in the evening.

Another thing is that, since I am a Spinning and active Bodybalance (Yoga, pilates and Taiqi) teacher, I cannot give my students the feeling I am tired, hungry or whatever.

One thing I figured out, is the Chia Cordial in my water bottle is really useful, when having 2 to 3 spinning classes in one row. My granola I take with my daily in a little box. During brake time or on the road I just buy some yoghurt (and of course, coffee…) at 7-11.

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Keep you posted!



July is a lifetime cycling competitor and long distance triathlete. She is also a big fan of whole food nutrition for races. Stay tuned for more training and fueling advice. 


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