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Runivore Superfood Bar Mixed Pack – You Choose The Flavor Combination



Runivore Superfood bar Variety Pack! Why choose one Superfood bar flavor when you can have them all? The Runivore Superfood bar Variety Pack contains 10 Superfood bars and features a combination of Chia & Date, Coffee Cacao, Mega Matcha, Zesty Orange, and Mighty Banana Superfood bars.
All Runivore Superfood bars are 100% vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and are natural, tasty and powerful – the best of three worlds.

Each Chia and Dates Bar Gives You:
207 Calories + 5 grams of Protein + 1150 mg of Omega 3

Each Coffee Cacao Bar Gives You:
207 Calories + 5 grams of Protein + 56 mg of Caffeine (small cup of coffee equivalent)

Each Mega Matcha Bar Gives You: 
230 Calories + 5 grams of Protein + 42 mg of Caffeine (small cup of tea equivalent)

Each Zesty Orange Bar Gives You: 
220 Calories + 4 grams of Protein + 1070 mg of Omega-3

Each Mighty Banana Protein Bar Gives You: 

204 Calories + 10 grams of Protein + 580 mg of Omega-3


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For those who want a little variety in their life we’ve prepped a bundle package for you. You choose your favorite combination of 10 bars – just write it in the notes section of your order. Choose from: Chia & Dates, Coffee Cacao, Zesty Orange, Mega Matcha, and Mighty Banana Protein Bar.

All flavors are date based bars featuring Heirloom Chia Seeds and Gluten Free Oats, along with other whole food energy to fuel your runs.


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