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XTERRA x RUNIVORE Mighty Banana Protein Bar (Box of 10) – Mightiest of foods for real recovery


Mightiest of foods for real recovery

Co-developed with XTERRA, the world’s leading outdoor and endurance sports company. The ultimate post-workout treat following the 3:1 golden ratio for recovery (carb:protein). Packed with additional superfoods to deliver a well-rounded protein bar.

10g of highly absorbable, complete protein. 580mg of Omega-3. 100% vegan-friendly. Gluten-free. Natural, delicious, and powerful – the best of three worlds.

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Our protein bar stays true to the philosophy of mother nature doing the heavy lifting and us carefully combining whole food ingredients into a tasty superfood treat.


Mightiest of Foods for Real Recovery. A RUNIVORE x XTERRA Collaboration.

The best way to bounce back from a workout and get ready for the next session is by eating delicious, protein-rich whole foods. 

Replenishing your body with protein, carbohydrates, and fats after workouts are crucial to recovery. This isn’t news. We all know that lousy recovery means no fitness gain. 

Getting these macronutrients from real foods that are healthy, natural, and, most importantly, delicious can improve performance, and gets you ready for the next training session. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, climber, triathlete, hiker, surfer… this is fundamental! 


The truth about protein 

Consuming protein is an essential part of recovery. However, there are too many conflicting and, quite frankly, wrong advice on how to eat protein and what protein does, especially for endurance athletes. 

First, let us debunk this right away: Eating protein and protein supplements, alone, will not make you too big. Not unless you are lifting heavy weights as well. Protein does not equal big muscles.

What protein does do is help you effectively recover between workouts. Less muscle soreness means a more productive training cycle because you are always ready to tackle the next workout in top form. 


Mighty Banana Protein Bar’s Golden 3:1 Ratio

Protein is currently the buzzword in the fitness industry. However, because of the emphasis on high amounts of protein, many protein bars end up with a dry and powdery texture. 


A typical protein bar is about 40-50 grams, and half of it is protein. That’s a lot of dusty powder to stomach. Furthermore, to cover the unpleasant taste and texture, bar manufacturers have to add artificial flavorings and other crap like syrup and caramel. They don’t taste great and most definitely are not great for your health.


On top of that, most have insufficient carbohydrates to effectively facilitate recovery. The golden ratio for optimal recovery is 3:1 (carb:protein), which is the foundation of The Mighty Banana Protein Bar. 


The 45-minute rule

The first 45 minutes after completing your exercise is the best time to replenish your macronutrients. Restoring both your protein and carbohydrate levels as soon as possible is critical and the most effective for muscle repair.

During this timeframe, follow the 3:1 ratio. Consume 3g of carbohydrate for every 1 gram of protein. As for the amount of protein to take in, consume 1g of carbohydrate for each .9kg of body weight and 0.3g of protein per 1kg of body weight. So if you weigh 65kg, eat around 58g of carbohydrate and 19g of protein. 

Each Mighty Banana is 50g and contains 30.5g of carbohydrates and 10g of protein. Eat 1-2 bars after training to kickstart the recovering process.

After this initial 45 minutes, eat small amounts of whole food carbs hourly to continue to replenish expended energy. Aim for 1g per kg of body weight and a total of 20g of protein in the next 5-6 hours.


Protein from a high-quality source.

While there are many types of protein, it is essential to understand that not all protein is equal. Muscle repair requires intake of ‘complete’ protein, which is classified as containing all 9 essential amino acids.

XTERRA and RUNIVORE played with many recipes to come up with the best combination of flavor and natural complete proteins. 

We avoided whey and soy as both are allergens and could contribute to bloating and stomach cramps. We went with plant-based sources such as pea protein, chia seeds, brown rice, and nuts. They are high in protein content and are easily absorbed by the human body. 


Taste is king

And of course, the flavor is always our top priority. The Mighty Banana is a combination of real foods such as fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds. Mother Nature did the heavy lifting, we just combined these whole foods that are delicious into the mightiest of recovery treats. 

After all, it doesn’t matter how much macronutrients are in a bar, if it tastes so bad that you don’t want to eat it. 

Real Food Inside: Pea protein, dates, raisins pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, pearl barley, brown rice, oats. 

The all-around bar. 

Healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, are also vital to optimal recovery. The Mighty Banana is coated with chia seeds, one of the best sources of plant-based omega-3. Each bar provides 580mg of omega-3, which is important for joint health, prevents inflammation, and contributes to cardiovascular wellness. 


With a wide array of superfoods, the Mighty Banana also provides electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber. All the goodies the human body demands. Keep one in your gym bag at all times or prepare a box for the workplace. In addition to post-workout, it can serve as a healthy afternoon snack to pick you up after those long, brain-numbing meetings. 


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