Reminding Ourselves the Meaning of Runivore


We’re not gonna lie. The past 12 months were tough — from transitioning to new overseas distribution partners, losing a very capable intern to grad school in Beijing, and a scorching summer that discouraged outdoor activities to personal issues such as family deaths and running injuries.

When going gets tough, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of why we started this Runivore thing in the first place and what it means to us.


In mid-2014, we were doing some banking stuff in preparation for the launching of a then unnamed brand. Tom was in a queue waiting for a bank teller and I was lounging on a couch.

He whirled around suddenly and yelled, “How about Runivore?

“That’s pretty damn good dude,” I replied with a chuckle.


A RUNIVORE eats to run,

this is what we’re about.

We put quality fuel in our body,

so that we can run

for fun, for health, for JOY.

We also run to LIVE meaningful lives

and to CHALLENGE ourselves.

It’s the FREEDOM to run the way we want.


We fuel well to run well. Also, running and other sport activities are what sustain us physically and spiritually. That was how this intuitive, simple and great brand name came to be. And it’s a great reminder of why we founded the company.

What we stand for:

Running Bliss: Happiness happens when you run. Whether it’s the runner’s high, running through the woods with friends or the sense of accomplishment after a race, a Runivore is fueled by positive energy and good vibe.

Embrace challenges: All the discomfort and the pain you feel is just weakness leaving your body. We love taking on new and meaningful adventures.

With new business plans and partnerships in the horizon and both of us healthy and rediscovering our propensity for putting our middle-age bodies through endurance ordeals, it feels like a new chapter of the Runivore storybook.




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