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What is Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Kind Nut Bar? At 40 g, it provides 180 calories, 15 g of fat, 16 g of carbohydrates, and 6g of protein. Other notable nutrition facts and ingredients: a mere 5 g of sugar, 7 g of dietary fiber, and several essential minerals. The chocolate flavor is not overpowering, and the sea salt provides a nice savory balance. Despite the low sugar content claim, the bar is still quite sweet.


As a former energy bar manufacturer, I know first-hand the cost and effort required to make a healthy, tasty, and fuel-packed product and the difficulty of prioritizing corporate responsibility.

That’s why I’m a fan of Kind Bars.

Many energy and protein bars play up their “naturalness,” but most are just candy bars in disguise. One thing I especially love about Kind Nut Bars is that they use whole foods, and you can actually see and taste them.

I have fueled several trail runs with Kind Nut Bars and ate them as an afternoon snack over the past month. Below is a review of the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt flavor. Let’s dive in.

What are the ingredients and nutrition facts of Kind Nut Bar?


(from product website)


At 40 g, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Kind Nut Bar provides 180 calories, 15 g of fat, 16 g of carbohydrates, and 6 g of protein. Several other items on the nutritional label caught my eye:

  1. The company specifically stated that the bar only contains 5 g sugar, using this point to support the Kind brand’s healthy reputation.
  2. 16 g and 6 g of carbohydrates and protein, respectively, are at the lower end of the macronutrient content spectrum, so technically, the Kind Nut Bar is neither a protein bar nor an energy bar. More of just a general snack bar.
  3. However, with 15 g of fat, this bar has a well-rounded nutritional profile.
  4. I’m surprised that palm kernel oil is included for a brand that touts its effort in sustainability. Palm oil farming is one of the most environmentally destructive agricultural sectors. That said, I want to praise the brand’s continual sustainability and ethical sourcing efforts. Over the years, they have tweaked their recipes to lower sugar content and include ingredients from sustainable farming. In 2023, the company also began testing paper-based wrappers. Running a business isn’t easy, to begin with, not to mention adopting new strategies that are likely more costly than conventional ways.


What are the taste and texture of Kind Nut Bar?

Almonds and peanuts, the two primary ingredients, are just as delicious as they are nutritious, which made the bar taste natural and crunchy in a good way. The chocolate flavor is not overpowering, and the sea salt provides a nice, mild savory balance. However, despite having only 5 g of sugar, the bar is quite sweet.

It’s not the best-tasting bar I’ve tested (this one and also this one are tastier, in my book). Still, I enjoy that I can clearly distinguish the natural ingredients by sight and taste.

Is Kind Nut Bar healthy?

It’s difficult for any commercial snack bar to be truly healthy. Companies have to flavor their products with added sugar to cater to the taste preferences of most consumers. Additionally, since bars are frequently consumed during outdoor activities, “binders,” often sugary syrups, are necessary to ensure they hold form in different conditions.

Kind Nut Bar is certainly one of the healthier options in the market. Healthy fats from nuts and seeds, 7 g of dietary fiber, and minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and iron combined to offer a balanced blend of nutrients.

As with most processed foods, don’t overindulge. If you eat three or four Kind Nut Bars daily, it’s likely bad for you. But as an occasional treat, especially before, during, or after exercise, it does provide key nutrients to help you perform and recover.

The bar does contain common allergens, such as nuts, seeds, and soy, so please read the nutritional label carefully.


When should you eat Kind Nut Bar? Is Kind Nut Bar suitable for running?

Regarding texture, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Kind Nut Bar is well-suited to bring to the great outdoors, be it running, cycling, hiking, or climbing. The bar will fit in a compression running belt, the back of a cycling kit, or the front pocket of a hydration pack and won’t crumble even when consumed on the run. However, some people may find it a bit too chewy.

Solid foods such as an energy bar is likely too slow-reacting to make a difference for shorter efforts under two hours. However, as a pre-run snack or for longer efforts, two to three hours and beyond, Kind Nut Bar will make an effective and tasty fuel.

Despite containing only 6 g of protein, the bar still delivers other key nutrients for post-run recovery, including essential minerals, healthy fats, and carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores.

Personally, I believe Kind Nut Bar is best served as an afternoon snack when you get that sugar craving. Compared to sodas, chips, or dessert pastries, it’s a much healthier option.


How’s the packaging of Kind Nut Bar?

A Kind Nut Bar is slightly longer than the length of your palm. Its wrapper is plastic. With the brand’s paper-based tested efforts, we hope to see biodegradable packaging in the near future.

I want to point out one thing. Since the Kind Nut Bar’s wrapper is transparent, remember to store the bars in places away from direct sunlight; otherwise, you may find a faster degradation of bar quality and flavor. This is something we learned during our bar-making days.