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Summary of Neversecond energy bar review: At 48 g, Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar contains 180 calories and 14 g of carbohydrates (all 14 g are from sugars). It’s low in protein and dietary fiber to facilitate faster carbohydrate delivery. Although called a bar, C30 Fuel Bar functions more like an energy chew.

Compared with gels, chews, and sports drinks, energy bars typically provide a more well-rounded nutritional profile with protein, fats, dietary fiber, and other micronutrients like essential minerals and vitamins.

While energy bars are arguably healthier and more satisfying, the “extras” significantly slow your body’s ability to break down carbohydrates, the primary fuel for endurance sports.

Hence energy bars are best suited for pre- and post-runs, longer and low-intensity efforts, and everyday snacks if made with whole foods.

Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar is created, from ingredients and carbohydrate content to texture, to offer quick energy delivery similar to that of energy chews.

Although it’s called a bar, it functions more like a chew. Below is Runivore’s review after consuming the Neversecond bars for different runs and situations.

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What is Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar? Marketing highlights

  1. The brand claims that C30 Fuel Bar is a true performance bar that delivers fast energy with a reduced risk of stomach issues.
  2. Most energy bars are formulated for hiking and lower intensity “lifestyle” activity. Their energy bars are “strictly designed for athletes in motion.”
  3. Gels and drink mixes do not provide the feeling of fullness and satiation that solid foods can provide. The company said C30 Fuel Bars are a safer solution than many real food choices.
  4. Simple product naming system. Every product begins with a letter: C = carbohydrate or P = protein. And then followed by a number that indicates the amount of the macronutrient included. C30 means a product has 30 g of carbohydrates, and P30 signifies that it has 30 g of protein. Learn more about Neversecond and its portfolio philosophy in this article.


Some big statements. Let’s look closer and see if Neversecond is true to its claims.

What are the ingredients and nutrition facts of Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar?

At 48 g, Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar contains 180 calories and 14 g of carbohydrates (all 14 g are from sugars). The bar also provides some fat and protein at 5 g and 3 g, respectively.

I tested the chocolate flavor. The ingredient list is short and simple. The primary sources of carbohydrates are oat flour, dates, and syrups. The brand highlighted that the bars are formulated based on a 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose ratio.

Source: Neversecond product webpage.

How’s the taste and texture of Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar?

I was genuinely surprised that I enjoyed the chocolate flavor. I was expecting an overly sweet bar, but it tasted like any milk chocolate snack with a mild twist of date flavor (who doesn’t love milk chocolate, right?).

The bar’s texture is soft, which it has to be if it’s designed for mid-run consumption and easy carbohydrate digestion. I haven’t tried the bars in cold weather, but the bar held form in both room and high temperatures (30+ °C).


Is Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar healthy?

I wouldn’t categorize Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar as healthy, but to be fair, it’s not meant to be. As the company said, it’s for mid-exercise, performance, and rapid fuel delivery. By these standards, the bar has to be high in sugar content and low in other nutrients to ensure your body can process it quickly without causing gastrointestinal issues.

When should you consume Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar?

Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar is ideal as a quick pre-run snack to fill up glycogen stores or mid-exercise fuel. However, a bar is solid food, so it’s best for races and workouts that last more than two hours.

For ultramarathons and long-course triathlons, for example, the energy bar will definitely be a nice change of pace from gels and sports drinks.

Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar is tasty enough to be an everyday snack, but if you’re health conscious and want to cut down your sugar intake, daily consumption is not recommended.

Like the rest of Neversecond’s product portfolio, the bar isn’t cheap. A box of 12 is US$42 or US$3.5 per bar. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to save Neversecond for race day and find cheaper options for workouts.

How’s the packaging of Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar?

The bar comes in a 14 cm x 4 cm wrapper, but the actual bar is smaller. You can fold the edges of the packaging to make it more compact and convenient to bring on runs, hikes, rides, and other outdoor activities. The wrapper tears open easily, and the whole consumption process was smooth, even when I was on the move.

How did Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar perform?

I used the bar in various runs and situations: mid-4hr LSD, mid-10k tempo on a treadmill, afternoon pick-me-up snack, pre-interval session, and quick breakfast/fuel before a morning run.

Here are my takeaways:

  1. A good flavor is half the battle when it comes to sports nutrition. Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar tastes excellent and is easily chewable, translating to an effective bar for any occasion.
  2. There wasn’t a noticeable “boost feeling,” which may not be a bad thing. On a four-hour easy run on an empty stomach, I used two Neversecond bars and an energy gel. My energy level stayed at good levels, and I experienced zero stomach problems.
  3. However, if you eat it mid-run, be sure to have water on hand to wash it down. Otherwise, you’d likely have little chocolate pieces stuck around your teeth and gum.
  4. I also used the bar after a two-hour run in the early afternoon (34°C). I forgot my running belt and had nothing to refuel with. When I got home, I immediately ate one to replenish calories and carbohydrates. It tasted delicious. However, since the bar only has 3 g of protein, remember to consume something more protein-packed for muscle recovery.



If the price isn’t a deterrent, I recommend giving Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar a try, especially for those who enjoy taking on long adventures requiring solid foods to satiate hunger. Even for shorter runs where you usually rely on energy gels, the bar is a tasty alternative that delivers energy efficiently.

Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar is designed to benefit athletic performance and performed it did.