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Before we get to the GU Liquid Energy gel review, lets get your top questions about this new energy product from GU out of the way:

What is GU Liquid Energy Gel?

GU Liquid Energy Gel is a new product from GU that delivers the same portable and fast-absorbing energy as the original GU energy gels, but in a liquid form.

How does the size and nutrition of GU Liquid Energy Gel compare to the original GU gels?

The GU Liquid Energy Gel is almost twice the weight of the original GU gels (60 grams vs 32 grams) but is just a little taller and about 1.5 times wider. In terms of nutrition, they are very similar.

What flavors of GU Liquid Energy Gel are there?

This review covered the Strawberry Banana, Orange, and Coffee flavors of the GU Liquid Energy Gel. There are also Lemonade and Cola flavors.

What is the consistency of the GU Liquid Energy Gel like?

The GU Liquid Energy Gel has a smooth consistency, similar to a slightly thick juice or overly concentrated Gatorade.

How does the GU Liquid Energy Gel taste?

The flavors of the GU Liquid Energy Gel are very similar to the original GU gel flavors. The taste is familiar and enjoyable during long runs or races.

What was the reviewer’s experience with the GU Liquid Energy Gel during a 15-mile training trail run?

We found that the GU Liquid Energy Gel provided consistent energy throughout the run. The gel went down smoothly, and there was no need for water as a chaser.

How does the GU Liquid Energy Gel compare to other energy gels on the market?

The GU Liquid Energy Gel stands out due to its liquid form, which offers a refreshing change from the usual thick consistency of energy gels. It tasted and performs like original GU gels but feels more like SIS isotonic gels

When is the best time to consume the GU Liquid Energy Gel during a run or race?

As a general guideline, you can consume the GU Liquid Energy Gel about 15 minutes before your workout or race, and then every 45 minutes during the activity. However, individual needs may vary, so it’s best to experiment during training to find what works best for you.

Can the GU Liquid Energy Gel be used for other sports or activities besides running?

Yes, the GU Liquid Energy Gel can be used for any endurance activity that requires sustained energy, such as cycling or hiking. Its portable packaging makes it easy to carry and consume on the go.


Our Experience with GU Liquid Energy Gel

When I walked into my local Fleet Feet, the new GU Liquid Energy Gel immediately caught my attention. It looked like GU but bigger. As I picked it up, I could tell right away that this was something a little bit different. 

I could sense the sloshing and movement of the liquid within the packet (very much unlike the original GU). Indeed, as the name suggests, this was GU’s new product – the GU Liquid Energy Gel, and I was eager to try it out. I picked up three different flavors and asked the fella at the counter if this was GU’s attempt at isotonic gel. I’m not sure if he heard of SIS isotonic gels before, but he responded – Nah, it’s just GU with water.

In this GU Liquid Energy Gel review, I share my experience of trying this new product during a 15-mile training trail run. I tried the GU Liquid Energy Strawberry Banana, as well as the Orange and the Coffee flavors, these last two come with 20 and 40 mg of caffeine respectively.

GU liquid energy review

Marketing Claim – GU gel in a refreshingly light and smooth liquid form

The team at GU claims that their new GU Liquid Energy Gel delivers the same portable and fast-absorbing energy as the original GU energy gels, but in a different form – liquid. The reason for the new type of gel, according the product overview page, is that having a variety of form factors makes it easier to ensure you keep fueling up during endurance sessions. I did not see any claims from GU about not needing to drink water alongside the liquid gels, on the contrary it states right on the packet “every 45 mins & hydrate along the way”.

GU Energy Gel vs GU Liquid Energy Gel – Nutrition and Size Comparison

The difference in size of the liquid energy from the original GU is obvious. It is almost twice the weight at 60 grams vs 32 grams for original variants, but just a little big taller (seen with tip already ripped off in image below), and maybe 1.5 times wider. The package is still very reasonable to carry in your running shorts or belt. I was able to carry three of them without a problem in my shorts back pocket.

GU original vs GU Liquid Energy

As far as nutrition comparison, they are very similar to the original GU gels.

  • Calories: the strawberry banana flavor of Liquid Energy had 95 kcal while the original GU of the same flavor has 100 kcal.
  • Carbohydrates: 23 grams for both types of form factors
  • Salt/Sodium: The liquid energy variant lists .19 g of salt – which equates to just over 70mg of sodium, while the original lists 55mg of sodium.
  • Both products also contain amino acids such as L-leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine.

Here’s the back label of two of the flavors I tried, the coffee and the strawberry banana:

GU Liquid Energy coffee flavor
Coffee Flavor
Strawberry Banana Liquid Energy
Strawberry Banana

Taste and consistency

Unlike Runivore Will (the other reviewer on Runivore), I don’t mind the taste of energy gels too much. They are not something I would ever eat on their own for enjoyment, but I enjoy the flavor when I’m on long runs or during a race. I’ve also used GU energy gels more than any other type of nutrition products during marathons or ultras. I like them for the variety of flavors.

From the very first sip of the GU Liquid Energy Gel, I felt like I was eating something very familiar. The flavors that I tried all were very similar to the original GU gel flavors. I think there is also something unique to GU gels in general and this uniqueness remained in the Liquid Energy products as well.

As far as consistency, GU liquid energy gel went down smoothly and I didn’t feel like I needed water as a chaser. It seemed like a slightly thick juice or overly concentrated gatorade.

Packaging – the hole could be slightly bigger

I did see in the GU reviews that some people complained about the opening not being big enough and some people had trouble getting the gel out easily. I didn’t really notice this to be a serious problem and it is probably a built-in spill deterrent as the gel is liquid. I remember having to suck a little bit for the coffee flavor – but perhaps I didn’t execute the rip as efficiently as with the other flavors.

Here’s the trio of gels I tried:

GU liquid energy gels

Performance – 25 km with marathon pace section

I usually don’t take energy gels until about 40 minutes into my training session or race, but on this particular day I had skipped breakfast so I actually followed the directions right on the opening tab which stated: 5 min before, every 45 mins. I took the Strawberry Banana flavor about 5 minutes before the workout session. It tasted pretty good and although I didn’t need water in terms of getting the GU cleared out, I did have a few sips just as a pallet cleanser. I took the Coffee and the Orange flavor with me onto the trails.

I ran 5 km (about 3 miles) at an easy pace, then 15 km at my marathon pace, and finished it off with a 5 km easy pace. I took the coffee flavor at the 45 minute mark into the training. It tasted really nice and went down smoothly, I didn’t follow it up with water as my makeshift water station was about a mile after I took the gel. It didn’t bother me not to have any water with it. I definitely recommend it if you’re running a marathon and want to take in energy gels according to a time schedule and not depend on being close to a water station.

I took the final gel at the 1.5 hour mark and continued for just over 30 minutes to finish my workout.

Some takeaways:

  1. From start to finish I never felt for lack of energy even while skipping breakfast and starting the run quite late ~ 11AM.
  2. I enjoyed the taste, and the watery texture was a nice break from the thick GU I’m used to.
  3. As far as performance, it did the job, although I was hoping for a bit more of a caffeine kick from the Coffee flavor. I’m a high caffeine intake runner so I guess the 40 mg in the coffee flavor and the 20 mg in the orange flavor were just too little to make an impact.
  4. The packaging opening could be just a tad bit wider, otherwise you have to just suck a little to get the energy out completely. This was not a game breaker for me.
  5. Prices at the retail store were reasonable at just over $2 per GU liquid energy and sell for about $2 on the GU website.


I will definitely give these gels a try again, especially if I make the mistake of signing up for another 100 k or if I get some other silly idea. The thought of mixing up traditional gels and the liquid energy seems like a good idea to me.




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