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Review summary of PH Electrolyte Capsules – They’re blister-packed, vegan-friendly capsules containing 250 mg of sodium and 125 mg of potassium to replenish lost electrolytes during exercise. The capsules are tasteless, making them ideal for when sweetness fatigue kicks in after consuming energy gels or for athletes that prefer water over hydration sports drinks.


It doesn’t matter how great sports nutrition brands try to make the flavor of their products; sweetness fatigue often kicks in at some point during endurance adventures, and the last thing you want is more sugary energy gels, chews, drinks, or bars.

When that happens, something milder in flavor yet still delivers essential nutrients to keep you moving relentlessly forward is very helpful.

Precision Fuel & Hydration’s (PFH) PH Electrolyte Capsules are tasteless capsules that provide 250 mg of sodium and 125 mg of potassium, two crucial electrolytes for hydration during endurance athletics.

Below is our review of PH Electrolyte Capsules.

What are PH Electrolyte Capsules? Marketing claims

  1. The capsules are blister packed.
  2. 250 mg of sodium and 125 mg of potassium are higher than many other electrolyte “pills.”
  3. Most PFH products are designed to serve a single purpose and eliminate all the extras, which are often just marketing gimmicks. PH Electrolyte Capsules’ primary reason for existence is to deliver electrolytes, and it does exactly that.


What are the taste and texture of PH Electrolyte Capsules?

PH Electrolyte Capsules are completely tasteless. The capsule shell is vegan-friendly, and the ingestion experience is the same as swallowing pills.

If you are not a fan of hydration sports drinks and prefer water, the capsules are ideal for maintaining electrolyte balance.


What are the ingredients and nutrition facts of PH Electrolyte Capsules?

All sodium and potassium, just as advertised.

Each capsule contains:
Sodium: 250 mg
Potassium: 125 mg

Ingredients: trisodium citrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, tripotassium citrate.

Capsule shell ingredients: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (vegan cap), calcium citrate, magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium stearate.

How is the packaging of PH Electrolyte Capsules?

Each pack of PH Electrolyte Capsules includes 15 blister-packed capsules. Depending on the distance and total time of your races or activities, you can cut up the appropriate number of capsules to bring along with you.

The blister-pack/capsule format is excellent for keeping the capsules dry and “fresh” when you’re on the move.

I’ve used tablets and pills that come in bottles, which means I had to repack them in zip-lock bags to carry on runs. Grabbing one out of a ziplock bag with your sweaty hands often got the rest wet, and they even dissolved slightly. Not ideal for extended efforts in high temperatures.


When should you take PH Electrolyte Capsules?

I’ve used PH Electrolyte Capsules during different runs – 50 km ultras, 10-15 km easy runs in 30+ degrees Celsius, and 30+ km LSD – and here are some personal thoughts and tips:

  • First and foremost, the rate a person loses electrolytes varies greatly. For sodium, the average person loses 150-250 mg per hour during moderate exercise to as much as 1000+ mg for “salty sweaters.” To perform well, you should have an idea of how much electrolytes you lose and replenish accordingly.
  • Therefore, depending on the type of sweater and weather conditions, some athletes might need just one capsule per hour or up to five for heavier sweaters working out on a hot summer day.
  • The key to hydration is maintaining the balance between fluid and electrolyte intake. Depending on weight, fitness level, exercise intensity, and external elements such as temperature and humidity, sweat rate can also vary greatly.
  • On average, drinking about 1 L of water per hour of exercise is recommended. Here’s a simple test to help you determine your sweat rate.
  • PH Electrolyte Capsules are perfect for situations where sweet-tasting sports nutrition is not preferred. For example: athletes who are not fans of overly sweet hydration sports drinks and want to stick with water, a person on a low-carbohydrate diet, or when sweetness fatigue sets in after you’ve already consumed several packs of energy gels. Simply pop a capsule to replenish sodium and potassium without consuming additional sugar.
  • I believe PH Electrolyte Capsules are an excellent option if you want to be precise with your electrolyte intake. I now prefer energy gels and chews that don’t contain electrolytes and keep sports nutrition for replacing carbohydrates and hydration separate.