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Myprotein Protein Brownie review summary: Myprotein Protein Brownie is a 75 g protein bar with 287 calories and 23 g of protein, 9.7 g of fats, and 27 g of carbohydrates, of which 4 g are from sugar. The chocolate chip flavor has a dry texture, so having a fluid chaser on hand is recommended.


Myprotein is one of the biggest names in the protein supplement business, offering a wide range of protein products, such as bars and powder mixes, at affordable prices. I recently reviewed the Myprotein Protein Brownie protein bar, which is certainly energy- and nutrient-packed on paper.

Below is my experience consuming the protein bar’s chocolate chip flavor and a closer look at its ingredients and nutritional profile.

What is Myprotein Protein Brownie? Its ingredients and nutrition facts


Source: company website


Myprotein Protein Brownie is a 75 g protein bar with 287 calories and 23 g of protein. It also has the other two macro-nutrients covered, packing in 9.7 g of fats and 27 g of carbohydrates, of which 4 g are from sugar.

Both its protein and carbohydrate content are on the high end compared with similar products in the market.

The primary protein sources are milk protein, oat flour, and soy protein, and the bar also contains the protein-building block glutamine in peptide form.


Source: company webside


Looking at the ingredient list, it’s evident that Myprotein Protein Brownie is not a natural or whole food-based protein bar. Several food additives and flavorings, such as glycerine and soy lecithin, are included, which is common for this type of sports nutrition snack. The inclusion of palm oil is not ideal since the agricultural practices for producing it are devastating to the environment.

While milk and soy proteins are complete proteins, they are typically lower in cost than other popular protein ingredients like whey, pea, or casein. I’m just pointing it out. It doesn’t necessarily mean milk and soy proteins are inferior.

What are the taste and consistency of Myprotein Protein Brownie?

If you’re a brownie lover like myself and expect a yummy chocolate treat, you’ll, unfortunately, be disappointed.

The chocolate flavor of Myprotein Protein Brownie could have been better, and the consumption experience was exacerbated by its dryness. Despite the bar’s softness, water is recommended to help wash it down.

As with the case of many protein bars that attempt to bump up their protein content with protein powders, dryness is often a byproduct. However, I enjoyed the chocolate chips, which gave the bar a more interesting texture.

Overall, the flavor wasn’t horrible as long as you recalibrate your expectations.

Is Myprotein Protein Brownie healthy?

I have high standards when it comes to qualifying the healthiness of an energy or protein bar. While the brownie packs a macro-nutrient punch, it’s artificial with a decent dose of sugar. In my opinion, it’s a step above junk foods like candy bars but far from healthy.


When should you eat Myprotein Protein Brownie?

Myprotein Protein Brownie is designed for post-exercise. With 23 g of protein, it undoubtedly fits the recovery rule of thumb of consuming 20-30 g of protein within 30-45 minutes after a workout.

The bar comes in pocket-size packaging and contains 27 g of carbohydrates, both valuable for replenishing glycogen mid-run. If you’re running an ultramarathon or going on a big hike, energy-packed solid foods can help you feel more satisfied during these extended adventures. For activities under 90 minutes, your digestive system likely can’t process the bar fast enough to make an impact. Due to the dry texture, make sure you have water on hand to chase it down.

Unless you live a very active lifestyle, Myprotein Protein Brownie is not recommended as an everyday snack. Even if you’re not health conscious and like to indulge, there are tastier candy bar-like options to satisfy your sweet tooth and recovery needs.

Conclusion – Does Myprotein Protein Brownie work?

Many things impact recovery – daily diet, sleep, work stress, workout volume and intensity, etc. Recovery effectiveness is difficult to measure outside of scientifically controlled settings.

The numbers provided on the nutrition label show that Myprotein Protein Brownie should be excellent for recovery. But many products also look great on paper but are far tastier and include natural ingredients fit for daily consumption.

Let’s end on a more positive note. Myprotein Protein Brownie is very affordable. If you purchase a box of 12, the price is about a dollar per bar. Taste preference is highly subjective, after all, but its affordability is undeniable.