RUNIVORE DREAM RACE — What kind of videos should I make?

So far over 70 runners have registered for the RUNIVORE Dream Race video contest and entries have been coming in since mid-April. We are getting some inquiries about what kinds of videos are acceptable? As mentioned in the event website, anything running related is cool with us. It can be dramatic, action-packed, inspirational or comedic. It can be about trail running or your favorite neighborhood park. We respect all types of running and runners. Just tell an entertaining story and keep it positive. After all, our event motto is “Happiness Happens When You Run”.

Another question is how professionally done does the video have to be? Not everyone went to film school or works in the movie business, so we are not looking for anything fancy. If you are a cinematographer, good for you, but amateurishly charming is great too. A good story, meaningful message or simple creativity can often be more entertaining.

Below are some popular running videos on YouTube. Some are big production from apparel brands but some are one-man production. Enjoy and maybe get inspired to create your own video.

  1. What are all the thoughts during a marathon. This guy says it all.

2. A guy that didn’t train is going up against a 72-year old runner in a half marathon.


3. Need a little motivation to get you out the door on rainy days? Watch this!

4. We all run a little differently. The key is we keep putting one foot in front of the other. Which one most resembles you in this video?

5. It’s a Nike commercial. None of us have the budget to pull this off, but it’s insightful. Never Stop Running, indeed.

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