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Runners & Workouts – Hironori Nomoto: Consistent Schedule

In this space, we will share the key or favorite workouts of our running friends and provide all the Runivores out there some training tips. Run with a smile, of course, but be ready to take on some pain!!

We love volunteering at races, especially at tough ultra races, because this is where you see the transformation in people occur. You also get to see the difference between regular human beings fighting just to survive, and you get to see those runners with seemingly superhuman abilities taking on the course and conquering it with a smile.


This week we share a workout strategy of one of these super human badasses – Hironori Nomoto. We first met him at the 2017 DeLoop by Taiwan Beast Runners, where he stood out from the competition by seemingly getting stronger with every 25k loop he completed while other runners were dropping like flies due to this year’s very tough course conditions.

Background and Achievements:

HIRONORI NOMOTO (野本浩礼)was born in Japan in 1987. He moved to Taiwan for work in 2016 and became a Taiwan ultra running powerhouse. Here are some achievements from 2017:

  • Hualien international 110 Km Ultramarathon (2nd place overall)
  • Yangmingshan 100km Ultra Marathon (1st place overall)
  • Taipei International 24 Hour Marathon Festival (3rd place overall)
  • Southern Cross-Island Highway 120 km Ultra Marathon (1st place overall)
  • National Taipei University 12H Ultra Marathon (6th place overall)
  • De Loop Taiwan 100 Km (1st place overall)
  • The Beast Trail 50km (8th place overall)

Workout Strategy:

Keeping a suitable heart rate is important for my workouts. On the weekends, I typically do 1 long distance riverside run with slow pace and 1 mountain run.

River Run:

  • After a brief worm up for 3km, I run with consistent pace(Heart rate 150~160).
  • When it’s too hard to run and sustain the heart rate/pace, I slow down to stay within the heart rate range.
  • I keep the total running time to around 2 to 3.5 hours.

Mountain Run:

  • The hill runs I choose are typically 20km long and have 1100m elevation.

For weekdays I focus on short distance with speed, I do this 3-4 days, always keeping at least one day for recovery:

  • I begin with a warm up run for 3km.
  • Next, I do repeats of up and down on a small hill for 6km(Heart rate 170~185)
  • For my track workouts I run repeats of 1km×5 (Heart rate 190~200)
  • I end by slowing down with an easy run for 3km

One time a month I join an ultra marathon of 100km or trail race.

Finally, I examine any problems and improve my training method.

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