Runners & Workouts – Lac Thanuwat: City and Mountains

In this space, we will share the key or favorite workouts of our running friends and provide all the Runivores out there some training tips. Run with a smile, of course, but be ready to take on some pain!!

We first met Lac when we launched the Runivore Dream Race video contest. He was one of the finalists with a video called Trail Passion (check it out at the bottom of this post). He shared the transformational power of trail running. We loved it and started following his running adventures since. Lac is a runner who exudes the love of running.

He may not be a podium runner, but he takes on epic quests and conquers them in style. And although he lives in a city, he makes sure to get out to the mountains and trails to prepare for his races. He’s a finisher of the very tough Translantau 100km (5350m elevation gain), Pong Yaeng Trail 100K (4800m elevation gain), and 4 Summits 4 Seasons 112km (5600 elevation gain) races. As we publish this post he is getting ready to take on the 130km CM6 – a race with the tagline “maximum points, minimum thrills” (points refer to ITRA points). We wish him luck and we hope you enjoy his advice and philosophy on running below.

Lac Thanuwat

I grew up and lived in Bangkok. Like everyone else who lived there, my routine was to get up, eat, work, party and sleep. I didn’t care about my health enough and didn’t take care of of myself. Until one day I got sick and I had to go to the hospital from overworking and over partying.

Everything about my life was getting worse: work, love and money. I realized I needed to change my life and running was the answer.

Ever since becoming a runner, my health has returned and its getting better and better. The simplicity of running leaves me with no excuses – I can do it every day.

I love to run on trails or mountains because I love fresh air and trees. But since I live in a big city I have to be creative about how I practice. Below are some tips for balancing training while living in a big city.

I balance my  training to 70% in the city and 30% on the mountain.

1.In the City

  • The week typically begins with recovery from weekend adventures. So I start the week with slow runs keeping my heart rate in the aerobic zone, alternatively I do some weight training or swimming.
  • In middle of a week I ramp up as its time to work on improving my performance. I do a tempo workout that consists of a steady moderate pace run for around 1 – 1:30 hours. Sometime I run up to the stair at my office: 3-5 repeats with 30th-floors.
  • On the weekend, I focus on endurance training.  I choose to do long runs around the bustling city with my friend. I prefer running on city streets over a run in the park because I must concentrate on the road and people. It makes for a much more active and exciting run.

2. On the mountain

I usually organize my runner friends to escape to the nearby mountains for a quick holiday. We spend the whole day doing hill repeats, exploring the mountains, and breathing in fresh air.

Trick to sticking to practice schedule

Most important is to just have fun. Be bold with your goals and push yourself to the limits. Another good tip is to find a partner who also loves running and then you can run happy together.

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