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Runners & Workouts: Randall Vargas Barrantes – 15 x 200m (for Building Speed)

In this space, we will share the key or favorite workouts of our running friends elites and provide all the Runivores out there some training tips. Run with a smile, of course, but be ready to take on some pain!!



Randall Vargas Barrantes

Randall is the speedster of Team Runivore Taiwan, and specializes in 5ks and 10ks. He was once a promising middle distance track runner in Costa Rica and trained under legendary Costa Rican coach Walter Salazar Rojas. Injuries derailed his running career and forced him to quit running for a few years. However, after moving to Taiwan and discovering the trails on this lovely island, it has reignited his love for running. Since the launching of the RUNIVORE Riverside 5k time trial, Randall has won it 4 times. With the April time trial coming up in a few days, lets hear some training tips from this badass runner.

  • 5km PB: 15min 9 secs
  • 10km PB: 32mins 38 secs
  • Wanjinshi 2017 14km 8th place
  • Run Through The Jungle 2017 – 34K 3rd place
  • Ultra Maokong 2016 – Ultra Maokong 21Km 3rd place
  • Longest distance ran: 63km, Tarawera Ultramarathon


15 x 200m with 30 sec rest

This is a simple yet effective way to build speed.

  1. 15-20 minutes of warm up run
  2. Sprint 200 meters
  3. 30 seconds rest period.
  4. Repeat for 15 times

If this is your first time doing such speed workouts, you can consider running 10 sets and increasing rest period to 1 minute.

“Time for each set should be similar. There is no point in doing 4 sets under 35 seconds and the rest over 50 secs. Intensity should be high.” Randall pointed out.

Pro level – The first 13 sets should be at 80-90% effort. The last two sets all out.



This workout is great for that extra boost when running, especially the last 400m in a competition. You will finish in less than 40 minutes but will feel it the whole day. It is also great for understanding and improving your fast pace,” said Randall.

Randall fun fact: “When I was a kid I used to ask my mom if she could see me when I was running, because I thought I was going so fast that I was almost invisible.” =)




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