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In this space, we will share the key or favorite workouts of our running friends and provide all the Runivores out there some training tips. Run with a smile, of course, but be ready to take on some pain!!

I recently read a few books on heart-rate training for endurance sports, and they unanimously agreed on the benefits of lower intensity, lower heart rate training. High intensity intervals and other training methods that push your heart rate to anaerobic zones should only account for less than 20% of our training plan, these publications suggested.


When I asked local Taiwanese runner Chou Ching to share one of his workouts, I received this reply, “I don’t have any specific workouts. Most of the time I just go on easy long distance runs.” I was surprised. I couldn’t believe a fast-improving 2:51 marathon runner, who also has the capability to speed up and down steep trails, doesn’t do intervals!?

“I am still laying the foundation for my endurance and strength at the moment. I won’t begin high-intensity interval training until I’ve reached the standard that I have set for myself. And I will probably hire a coach to train my anaerobic system correctly when the time comes,” he said. His weekly routine is a living proof of some of the training philosophies I’ve read.


Chou Ching

Chou Ching recently graduated from the Chinese Culture University with a physical education degree. He was a member of the school’s tennis team, but fell in love with endurance sports the last few years. He is one of Taiwan’s promising young stars in trail running and ultra marathons, with plenty of top finishes locally and internationally.

Recent Achievement:

  • Marathon PB: 2:51, 2016 Boston Marathon
  • Taiwan Salmon X-Trail 21km, 2:15 (4th overall)
  • Run Through the Jungle, 6:03 (2nd overall)
  • Ultimate Tsaigu Trail, Kuocang 62.4km, 8:44 (1st overall)
  • The Beast Trail 25km, 3:11 (2nd overall)

Strong Aerobic Foundation

Below is Chou Ching’s weekly routine

  • Once a week, I do a 20~30km easy run, maintaining heart rate at 140~150 bpm
  • 3~5 times a week, a 15km hill run. I also run them easy with an average heart rate around 140 bpm.
  • During the hill runs, I will select certain uphill segments and run them with higher efforts to stimulate the anaerobic system

“I never had official track and field training, so I’m not even sure how to do intervals properly. Right now, as an amateur runner that’s only been running for a few years, I believe simply running more should allow me to improve.”

Perhaps Chou Ching has “accidentaly” discovered the most efficient way to train?