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In this space, we will share the key or favourite workouts of our running friends and provide all the Runivores out there some training tips. Workout with a smile, of course, but be ready to take on some pain!! a woman is running Cross training is highly recommended for endurance athletes of all levels. It trains muscle groups that are often neglected and prevents injury by improving overall muscle balance. During the off season when you are resting overworked body parts, it is also a great way to maintain aerobics fitness. If you are a runner, swimming is an ideal cross training option, allowing you to get in both quality and quantity workouts at minimal muscle impact. This week we have invited RUNIVORE brand ambassador Hsu Ya Chiao to share with us one of her go-to swimming workouts. After beginning her career in the pool in third grade, Ya Chiao steadily rose to become a national team-level swimmer. In the 2014 National Collegiate Championship, she took home the bronze in 400 meter freestyle. In recent years, she switched her focus to triathlon, and has since become a podium regular. She currently is the head coach of the Da-Tong Junior High Swim Team in Zhang Hua County,Taiwan.
  • 2017‭ ‬LAVA Pin Tong‭ ‬3rd overall‭ ‬
  • 2017‭ ‬Tainan Anping Triathlon 8th in Elite Division
  • 2017‭ ‬LAVA Miaoli‭ ‬2nd overall
  • 2017‭ ‬Selected to the National Team for the Asia Championship in Fulon, New Taipei City
  • 2017‭ ‬Sun Moon Lake Triathlon 2nd in the half ironman division


‭Th‬e purpose of this workout is to improve long distance swimming, training aerobics endurance at moderate-to-high intensity. The workout moves from more reps at shorter distances to less reps at longer distances. The short distance reps aim to build speed, while the long distance reps enhance your ability to maintain the speed. Warm up:200m of any style. ‭ ‬ The workout:[‬8 x 25m‭ + ‬4 x 50m‭ + ‬2 x 100m‭ + ‬1 x 200m‭] ‬ Above is one set. Depending on your capability and experience as a swimmer, you can choose to do 1 to 4 sets. *Notes:
  1. Rest 10-15 seconds in between reps. Complete each rep at moderate-to-high intensity, and the time for each rep should be similar.
  2. Depending on your fitness level, you can choose to rest no more than 10-15 seconds in between sets or rest up to 1 minute.
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