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Runners & Workouts: Xiao Gang – 200m Reps (for Training Kickoff)

In this space, we will share the key or favorite workouts of our running friends and elites and provide all the Runivores out there some training tips. Run with a smile, of course, but be ready to take on some pain!!


photo: 阿虎隊長 Captain Tiger, Tiger & Leopard Trail Run


Before kicking ass in the Taiwanese mountains, Xiao Gang was a podium regular in the triathlon scene. He is a proponent of proper training cycles and scientific training data. “Beast Mode” isn’t built in one day, he believes, it takes patience and smarts to continue to improve. Xiao Gang is also a role model when it comes to balancing work, family and outdoor fun, and well known for his mental toughness during competition.

Recent race results:

  • 2016 Ultra Mt. Guguan 100km, 1st place
  • 2017 Mt. Hehuan Marathon, 1st place
  • 2018 Cha Cha Trail Race, 1st place
  • 2018 Tiger & Leopard Trail Run 25km, 1st place


200m repetitions by Xiao Gang

When you conclude a training cycle with a big goal race, it is highly recommended to take it easy for a few weeks to recover from and reflect on the experience. Your fitness level, running economy and feel will decline slightly, but it’s all part of the long game.

Therefore, at the start of the next cycle, it’s silly to just expect to be able to run the same mileage or with the same intensity as prior to the break.

One of my go-to strategies during the early stages is to run short intervals, such as 200m repetitions, to stimulate the various systems required in running.

I recently concluded a racing season with a 100 miler. After a good rest and a few weeks of easy running (it’s part of my base budiling/active recovery routine), I’m ready to get down to business gain.

I usually kick off the cycle with a time trial. It could be 5km, 3km of even as short as a miler. I will plug the time into a VDOT calculator to find out the right repetition time for 200 meter repetitions. Use this pace calculator.

(Learn more about VDOT)



In this case, I should perform each 200m rep at 40-45 seconds. In my experience, the time provided by this calculator is usually on the conservative side, which is good, and will prevent us from being too aggressive at the beginning of a training cycle.

Schedule this interval workout for Week 3:
1. Warm up for 10-15 minutes.
2. 200m x 5 at 40-45 secs each; slow jog for 200m (about 80 secs) in between each rep. This counts as 1 set.
3. Evaluate after the first set. If you feel good and depending on your capability, go for 1 or 2 more sets.
4. But don’t over do it PLEASE!!
5. Slow jog for 600-800m in between sets
6. Cool down for 10-15 minutes

1.    It provides stimulation without tagging on too much distance. Your body should be able to benefit from the workout and recover easily.
2.    It also prepares your mind for much tougher interval sessions later in the training cycle.
3.    Great bang for the time needed. Each set should take about 10 minutes.
4.    It’s a great way to simulate trail courses that require short bursts of uphills and recover quickly on the move.
5.    You can do this workout almost anywhere.
6.    Other variations of the workout: 400m fast + 400m recovery or 400m fast + 200m recovery.

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