Running Club Review: BEAST GYM with Taiwan Beast Runners (跑山獸)


Taiwan Beast Runners are a hardcore group of passionate trail runners. We’ve been working closely with them since their inception – relying on their input about our products and occasionally joining them for challenging, fun and sometimes “interesting” runs. They helped us organize Explore Your Backyard back in April.



A few months back they started Beast Gym – a weekly training session held at NCCU in Muzha that focuses on making a better trail runner. The sessions rotate through different types of exercises aimed at building up your stamina, speed, balance and technical skills – like running at night.



Beast Gym is headed by Petr Novotny and Eva Lobo, some of the most prolific trail runners on the island. They generously share their experiences, training and nutrition practices with attendees. It’s a great opportunity to ask advice about your upcoming race or get some ideas on great places to go for a trail run.

A typical session begins with a warm up run around NCCU area – a place blessed by a top notch track, beautiful riverside, foothills of Maokong and (if needed) stairs. After warm up the real work begins. This may alter from interval training on the track, hill repeats, stairs, night run with light or tempo runs. Last time Runivore attended we ran 10 x 300m intervals followed by 100 rest. This helps to work on your speed and in turn builds up your muscles.

Hill Repeats


After (and if) you recover, there is often a fun activity like the Zombie game (you have to attend to find out more about it). Followed by a 15-20 min cool down jog. The end of each session is an opportunity to sample or learn more about products from some of the supporters of Taiwan Beast Runners. Runivore, for example, serves up our Chia Fresca – it’s awesome after a good workout as there is plenty of protein, omega-3 and other nutrients, minerals and vitamins to replenish your body.

BEAST GYM takes place usually on Wed night, but you should follow the fan page to keep up to date on the time and place. Happy Running!

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