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Here’s a little running inspiration to get you out of the rut. Enjoy.

Remember! Happiness happens when you run.


Once upon a time, a farmer’s donkey fell into a dry well. The farmer tried for hours to rescue the donkey but without success. He finally decided that the animal was quite old anyways, and further rescue attempts weren’t worth the trouble.

The neighboring farmers agreed that the well needed to be filled to prevent similar accidents, so they began shuffling dirt down the well. When the donkey realized its predicament, it began to cry.

However, after a while, the donkey became quiet. The farmers curiously peered into the well and were astonished by what they saw!

The donkey shook off the dirt that landed on its back to create a dirt pile it could stand on top of. As the pile grew in height, the donkey ascended gradually to the edge of the well and finally leaped out to escape.

We walk a tightrope to balance our love for running and everyday responsibilities.

We train, we make sacrifices, and we risk injuries in the name of redefining our physical limits. All the while holding down a nine-to-five and fulfilling many responsibilities that life demands.

Life and running ebb and flow; sometimes, we fall into a “dry well” with “dirt” dumped on us. Yet, depending on our attitude and perspective, unfortunate and trying situations that could have “buried” us may deliver new opportunities.

Control what you can control, and the two things that are always 100% firmly within your grasp are your mindset and actions.

You can’t control your manager calling a last-minute meeting at the end of the work day, ruining your plan to join a group run. But you can calmly get your job done and complete the run alone. Stay disciplined, and I guarantee you will get an even greater sense of accomplishment.

You can’t stop the sun from rising and scorching the track. But you can stop bitching, wake up early, and grind out the workout before the temperature skyrockets. Success is showing up every day with a can-do attitude.

You can’t stop annoying people from being annoying. But you can stop letting them live rent-free in your head space. Let me tell you, those people sure aren’t thinking about you.

Don’t harbor hatred.
Don’t let worries contaminate your actions.
Live simply.
Give more.
Desire less.
Face headwind with composure.
Go about your business with consistency.
Do what you love with gratitude.
The path to overcome and to thrive is often hidden within the difficulties – stepping stones in disguise.