Say NO! to Bonking

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Unless you’re Killian Jornet and break world endurance records consuming only the fresh mountain air, you will need to eat during the longer races in your career. Actually for most humans – putting calories back into your system helps your overall performance during race.

There are many great articles on how to fuel during races, visit some of the links below for just a few, but they all agree about some core guidelines:
1) Don’t experiment the day of the race – try to train with the same fuel source and don’t put yourself at risk of abnormal tummy on the big day.
2) Don’t wait too long until you refuel – your body has limits with regards to how many calories it can absorb during the run. Most experts agree to start refueling somewhere around the 40 minute mark into the race and continue to add about 240 – 300 calories on a steady basis.
3) Don’t forget to hydrate – you can get some of your calories from sports drinks but also remember that staying hydrated helps with all of your body functions including digestion.

So how many calories will you actually need during your next race? Enter your weight and the time expected for you to finish your run to get an approximate idea.
Oh, and we recommend fulfilling some of your fuel needs with a nice Runivore Chia drink before the race and a Runivore Superfood bar (or two during the super long ones) in the middle of the run.

Here is a way to check out your intake needs during the race:


So don’t forget to fuel up. Bonking is dangerous.

Here are some great articles about fueling during races:


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