Standard Chartered Marathon – British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei – Lets Train Together

We are excited and humbled to work with the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei to help runners prepare for the 2021 Standard Chartered Marathon on January 24th.

As part of this initiative, we’ve prepared some resources and events to help you runners get ready for the big day. Check them out below:


Join us for our group long-distance runs – every Tuesday night

The goal of these runs is to help you build up your aerobic base (and for us to help burn off some excess fat)
Every Tuesday night at 7:45 PM, we meet at Gonguan Riverfront Park, close to Gonguan MRT Station for a long slow run. The type of run varies from a 10k loop to a 17k loop and the pace varies from 5:30 minutes per km to 6:30 minutes per km. But you’re also welcome to go at your own pace. We also sometimes to a run that ends with a hike up a hill to get a nice view of Taipei at night. Check out the group on Facebook for details: Runivore Tuesday LSD Group

We recommend that you bring some form of hydration – handheld or water bottle is best. There are lockers nearby for 30 NTD if you need to drop something off before the run. One strict rule is that we start at 8 PM sharp and we try to finish before 10 PM. We usually have some Runivore bites for recovery at the finish line.


Join us at a Runivore Riverside 5K Time Trial – November 19

If you’re planning on hitting a specific time for your Marathon, Half Marathon, or 13km Event, then this event will be a perfect chance for you to test your speed. You can register for the event here, and please note that 50% of your registration fee will go towards BCCT’s selected charity for the Standard Chartered Marathon event.


Raise Money For BCCT Charity by Buying Runivore Bars

The British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei has set an ambitious goal of raising hundreds of thousands of NT dollars for charity as part of the Standard Chartered Marathon event. We want to chip in as much as possible. You can help us by visiting our shop and buying our products. Use coupon code BCCT, and you’ll get 10% off and an additional 20% of your purchase will be added towards Runivore’s donation to BCCT selected charities.


Here are the charities BCCT is supporting:

Salvation Army Puli Youth Service Center

The Puli Youth Service Centre provides rehabilitation services youths between 12 years old to 18 years old. Most are referred from the courts because of petty crimes or the inability of their parents to adequately care for them.


BCCT 4 Year University Scholarship for Chosen Scholar in Taiwan

The BCCT 4 Year Scholarship Program was founded in 2012. To date, this program has allowed gifted underprivileged students from various backgrounds the opportunity to study in a local university program of their choice. It is hoped that this in turn will endow them with skills and vision, enabling them to contribute to the culture and welfare of their home communities.


SOS Children’s Villages Taiwan

SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental international development organisation which has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children since 1949. The organization’s work focuses on abandoned, destitute and orphaned children requiring family-based child care.


Stay Tuned For More Announcements

We will have more announcements coming, including more information about how to get ready for the race. Please follow us on to stay up to date with our updates.

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