Energy Gels, Are They Worth it?


Do I need energy gels?

Do energy gels work?

Are energy gels just hype or the real deal?

These are some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received. Today, we will c…

Energy Gels vs Candy Analysis for Endurance Sports

Let’s start with the bottom line – energy gels are simply better than candy to help you fuel through your endurance adventures such as marathons, century bike rides, …

Energy Gels vs. Energy Bars, When to Eat What?

Energy gels are better. They give you a quick boost in a super compact, energy-dense package. Energy bars are better. They’re tastier, leave you satisfied, and provide mor…

Review: Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gels, Instant Surge


Honey Stinger Gold Organic Energy Gel comes in 31g sachet with 90 calories and 24g of carbohydrates. Its 95% organic honey and also has many micro-nutrients such as calcium

Review: Huma All-Natural Energy Gels, Eat Chia Seeds and Run

While energy gels serve an essential purpose for endurance athletes, none of us would categorize these sugary, syrupy concoctions as healthy. I’m picky about what I put in…

Review: What is SiS Isotonic Energy Gel? Hype or Real Deal?


SiS Go Isotonic Energy Gel is a 60 ml energy gel with 87 calories and 22g of carbohydrates. Its primary sugar source is maltodextrin. The brand’s isotonic formula all