Reminding ourselves the meaning of Runivore

We’re not gonna lie. The past 12 months were tough — from transitioning to new overseas distribution partners, losing a very capable intern to grad school in Beijing and a sc…

12HR Ultramarathon Race Thoughts and Learnings

In 2012, I participated in a 7-hour ultramarathon in Taipei’s YangMing Moutain. It was a 1.5km+ road slope to make up a loop of 3km+. We ran down, turn around ran up, turn around ran do…

Superfood Bar Now Gluten-Free

What is Gluten? And Why is RUNIVORE Superfood Bar Now Gluten-Free?

Improved athletic performance by eliminating gluten from our diet is a hotly and widely debated topic amongst t…

Deep Down, We All Want to do Something Great

“I want opportunities to do effective work or cool work, preferably both at the same time,” I told my ex-boss in an exit meeting a few years ago.

“Effective work serves real purpose a