Energy Gels Comparison – Sortable by Calories and Calorie Density

If the first criteria for you when selecting energy gels is the number of calories, or if you’re interested in the caloric density of specific gel, then look no further. We&#…

Energy Gels vs. Energy Bars, Same Purpose but Different Consistency


Both energy gels and energy bars are designed to replenish lost carbohydrates during exercise. They are similar products with different consistency – gels are syrups, an

Energy Gel Review: Decathlon Energy Gel, Affordable but Lack Boost


I’m a fan of Decathlon. I’ve purchased many of its affordable yet quality gear for a wide range of sporting activities, but this is my first time using the Frenc…

Review: Spring Energy Speednut, Koffee, and Awesome Sauce – Steady Energy Flow

Spring Energy Gels fall along a spectrum of more traditional carbohydrate heavy ones like the CanaBerry flavor we’ve reviewed to ones that offer a mix of carbs and fats. Fo…

Review: 226ers Bio Energy Gel, Made by Triathletes, Fit for All


The brand name of this energy gel says it all – it targets the Ironman triathlon (3.9km swim, 180.2 ride, and 42.2km run for a total of 226.3km) segment but that’s just t…

Review: Spring Energy CanaBERRY – Even Energy Flow From Real Food

As a big fan of Sage Canaday and his “any surface, any distance philosophy”, I was super excited to finally pick up some of his favorite running fuel – Spring Ene

Review: PowerGel Original Lemon-Lime, a Solid Option

PowerGel Original Lemon-Lime is a 41g energy gel that provides 107 calories and 26.7g of carbohydrates, of which 9.8g are sugars. The main sources of sugar are maltodextrin and fr

Superduper Affordable Energy Gel Alternatives

Shhhh…we are giving you our trade secrets today. The energy gel makers are not gonna like this. Keep it down.

Jokes aside, if you’re interested in affordable sports f

Review: Beet It Sport Nitrate 400, Pre-Race “Energy Gel”

Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 is a everyday and pre-race supplement. It has only two ingredients – 98% concentrated beet juice and 2% lemon juice. At 70 ml per bottle, it provides

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