Review: GU Roctane Strawberry Kiwi, a Good Energy Gel Just Got Better


GU Roctane Energy Gel is similar to GU Original Energy Gel in terms of carbohydrate content, taste, and consistency but with three times the sodium and branched-chain amin

Review: NutriSport Sprint Energy Gel, Refreshing Citrus Flavor


I had never heard of NutriSport before a running acquaintance gave me a couple of the brand’s energy gels to try. Never seen it in this corner of the running world, so pl…

Energy Gels, Are They Worth it?


Do I need energy gels?

Do energy gels work?

Are energy gels just hype or the real deal?

These are some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received. Today, we will c…

Review: GU Liquid Energy – GU Plus Water Equals Drinkable Energy

As I walked into my local Fleet Feet something new and strange caught my attention. It looked like GU but bigger. As I picked it up, I could tell right away that this was something a lit…

Review: 32GI Guarana Caffeine Shot, Separating Energy Gel & Caffeine


32GI Guarana Caffeine Shot provides 60 mg of caffeine per 4.5g pack. Pure liquid guarana is the caffeine source instead of coffee. Guarana is maybe less sensitive to the sto

That “Got-Off-Work-Late” Run


The weather should be nice, according to your weather app — clear night with a gentle autumn breeze.

You can’t wait to get off work at six on the dot, lace up, and hit the r…

How to Choose Energy Gels?


“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you give him a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime.”

We lead different lives, are born with diverse athl…

Energy Gel Pro Tips – Charts and Graphics to Help You Fuel Right

We’ve published quite a few energy gels reviews, as well as some fueling guides and common pitfall articles. But as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so for this po…

Tour de France Champions – Choice of Energy Gels

Tour de France is one of the most grueling endurance events on the planet. It features 21 days of racing over 23 days (2 rest days). It covers 3350 kilometers in distance and goes thro…

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